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Jun 26 2012

Howrse Lottery – June 25, 2012

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For another time around, Howrse Lottery is back with some new rules. There are four drawings a day, as usual, at 00:00, 14:00, 18:00, and 20:00 (Game time). The Lottery ends on July 11th, 2012. How to earn tickets: Purchase: There is no limit as to how much you want to purchase, but the price […]

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Jun 14 2012

Small Updates – Foal Games and Layouts!

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Today I was inspired to update the website on my free time. I’m happy to announce two major problems were fixed: foal games and layout codes. I saw that the winter games were out of date and completed them with a foundation foal and earned the 1.2 GP gain. I also fixed the Freedom layout, […]

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Jun 06 2012

Important Information and Writing Opportunity!

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After another 3 month break, I’m starting to get back into everything. It seems that Howrse’s unique promotions always catalyze my return. I couldn’t respond to the comments I’ve missed during the break, but I’m returning to the newest comments when I see them. There have been frequent questions/topics that I would like to address: […]

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Jun 04 2012

First Promotion of the Summer: Piñatas!

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As summer is beginning for some of you, Howrse releases their newest promotion: the Piñatas! After opening 20 piñatas, you can receive Jupiter, the newest divine horse. In order to open a piñata and receive it’s gifts, you need to earn the required amount of points. The first requires 2, the second requires 4, the […]

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