Jun 04 2012

First Promotion of the Summer: Piñatas!

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Pinata 8

As summer is beginning for some of you, Howrse releases their newest promotion: the Piñatas! After opening 20 piñatas, you can receive Jupiter, the newest divine horse.

In order to open a piñata and receive it’s gifts, you need to earn the required amount of points. The first requires 2, the second requires 4, the third 8, and the fourth 12. Objectives and points for the pinatas are listed below.

How to earn points:

  • click on your piñata once a day
  • ask friends to help you
  • complete objectives that give you bonuses that could help

I suggest to go through the objectives first before asking for help from a friend. This way you get more bonuses and will have a better chance.

Each piñata offers different gifts. The promotion ends June 20th, so make sure you use strategic moves to finish by then!

Objectives for pinatas:

I’ve pulled these from those who posted in the comments section, so thank them for the help!

Pinata 4: (12 points)

  1. Donate to Ow (click the link provided; donation button on the right side of Ow’s page) Reward: 6 friends can help per day
  2. Click on a friend’s pinata (Friends tab – drop down list) Reward: 3 bonus clicks

Pinata 5 (16 points)

  1. Enter a competition requiring 12% energy (I used a low-skilled horse and entered a jumping race)

Pinata 6 (20 points)

  1. Click the pinata; Reward: cuts the total points down to 10
  2. Purchase a saddle in the store; Reward: 3 more clicks

Pinata 7 (25 points)

  1. Specialize a horse (choose either classical or western riding); Reward: have 8 friends help you
  2. Find a blanket by putting your horse in a box; Reward: 4 bonus points

Pinata 8 (30 points)

  1. Donation to Ow; Reward: next 4 clicks give 3 points each
  2. Finish last in a competition (I used a low-skilled horse and entered in their worst skill); Reward: 10 points for the pinata

Pinata 9 (40 points)

  1. Give a turnip to a horse that is 6 years old; Reward: 2 clicks every 3 hours (the horse must be exactly 6 years old)
  2. Make the last click on a friend’s pinata; Reward: 4 bonus clicks

Pinata 10 (50 clicks)

  1. Win a sum ending with 7 in a competition (7, 17, 27, etc); Reward: Next 10 friend clicks count for two points each
  2. Visit the profile page of the director of the equestrian center you work for; Reward: Click on the pinata 2 times ever 2 hours

Pinata 11 (60 clicks)

  1. Place 3rd in three competitions; Reward: 5 bonus points
  2. Find a UFO aging point; Reward: open the pinata directly on the next click. Log in/out and visit different pages; the UFO is random

Pinata 12 (80 points)

  1. Enter 50 competitions requiring 20% energy (exactly); Reward: get helped by 10 friends
  2. Make a donation to Ow; Reward: click 2 times every hour

Pinata 13 (100 points)

  1. Give an apple to a horse that has between 67 and 96 skill points in trot; Reward: next 10 friend clicks earn 3 points each
  2. Have a horse with a coat at 1% rarity; Reward: the number of points your pinata has will double **wait to validate this objective until you have 50 points, so your pinata will open faster. If you have a lower point value, such as 20, it will only get you up to 40 points)

Pinata 14 (150 points); Prizes: 10 aging points, Piece of Cloud, Harmony Pack

  1. Have won at least 1,000 Equus in competitions with one horse; Reward: next 10 clicks earn 3 points
  2. Finish training in a skill; Reward: number of points divided by 2

Pinata 15 (200 points); Prizes: 50 turnips, Eolus’ Wind, Philosopher’s Stone

  1. Congratulate a player on their birthday; Reward: friend clicks earn 2 points each
  2. Give a turnip to a horse that is over 40 (not special or divine); Reward: 100 points for your pinata
  3. Participate in a lesson with a payment of 46e; Reward: next click earns 20 points

Pinata 16 (250 points); 10,000e, Morpheus’ Arms on a random horse, 1 month of Pegasus account subscription

  1. Make a donation to Ow; Reward: 100 points
  2. Give a carrot to a horse born from Ouranos and Gaia (foundation horses); Reward: 2 points for each click
  3. Agree to an item exchange; Reward: 10 bonus clicks

Pinata 17 (300 points); 20 energy mashes, Apollo;s Lyre, 1 diamond each day for 30 days

  1. Buy a horse for _____e (depends on your equus); Reward: click on your pinata 3 times every hours
  2. Win 17 competitions; Reward: 50 points for your pinata
  3. Reach 100 BLUP with a horse; Reward: be helped by 12 friends per day

Pinata 18 (400 points); Prizes: 15 aging points, Golden Spurs, Themis’ Scale

  1. Earn 120e from a horse with Pluto’s Parchment; Reward: 10 bonus clicks
  2. Stroke a horse with a cremello coat; Reward: friend clicks earn 3 points each
  3. Find a whip by putting a horse between 7 to 8 years old in a box; Reward: open the pinata directly on the next click

Pinata 19 (500 points); Prize: Boreas’s Lunge, Aphrodite’s Tears, 1 each day for 30 days

  1. Donation to Ow; Reward: 3 clicks every 30 minutes
  2. Sell a horse for at least a pass; Reward: 3 points for the next 10 clicks
  3. Trade a pass for 10 diamonds; Reward: number of points received multiplied by 1.5 – wait till you have around 333/334 points to get the highest amount of points possible.

Pinata 20 (1,000 points); Prize: Jupiter

  1. Enter a horse in the Grand Prix; Reward: clicks earn 4 points each
  2. Give birth to twins; Reward: number of points needed divided by 2
  3. Have a breeders reserve that ends in 111,111e; Reward: 10 bonus clicks

Rewards for the pinata can be found in the comments – thank you to all those who have been helping!

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  1. Anonymouson 21 Jun 2012 at 3:34 am

    This is kind of late, but for future references…

    When you need to enter comps at about 20% energy, you often find them in :

    For classical –
    Gallop/trot (maybe)

    For Western –

    When you need to enter comps at about 12% energy, you often find them in:

    For Classical –
    Cross Country
    Show Jumping

    For Western –
    Western Pleasure

    **Note –

    In competitions with fixed energy intake (i.e. Dressage, Gallop/Trot, Reining, Cutting, Barrel) , it is indirectly proportional to skill, so the energy intake for a competition is likely to differentiate for the different horses entering.

    On the other hand for unfixed intake, it is directly proportional to the competition difficulty, such as in Cross Country, Show Jumping, Trailing and Western Pleasure.**

  2. Hringuron 21 Jun 2012 at 4:50 pm

    Dear Jessica, Thank You for this page!!!! xD
    I got Jupiter, but its all thanx to having been able to plan ahead the objectives from checking on this site.
    Plus all the time i spent surfing your other posts while waiting to click the pinata again :P
    How can i ever repay you! xD

  3. max987on 08 Sep 2013 at 9:05 pm

    im on number seven and the prize is harmony pack… at least thats good!
    how do you get 120e from a PP?

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