Jun 26 2012

Howrse Lottery – June 25, 2012

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For another time around, Howrse Lottery is back with some new rules. There are four drawings a day, as usual, at 00:00, 14:00, 18:00, and 20:00 (Game time). The Lottery ends on July 11th, 2012.

How to earn tickets:

  • Purchase: There is no limit as to how much you want to purchase, but the price triples every time.
  • Passes: With every pass used (excluding horse sales, Black Pearl, and purchasing with diamonds) you will receive 3 tickets
  • Friends: You are only allowed to have 5 tickets offered from a friend (I believe it was as much as 10 the last time).
  • Competition: When your horse wins a competition, you receive one ticket. You cannot receive more than 2 per drawing.

To view your ticket history – how you got your tickets and from who – click on the link “How to partake in the Lottery” and the history link will appear at the bottom

As always, you can earn prizes with stars that were won in lottery drawings. The top three prizes are:

  • 1200 stars: 1000 points in the overall ranking
  • 1500 stars: 5th element
  • 3000 stars: Falabella

The top three prizes won through the lottery include a new solar system horse named Mercury, a Falabella, or a pack of three passes. You can view the prizes for both stars and the lottery on the right of the lottery page.

Feel free to comment with your user name here and I’ll send you a ticket if we’re friends on Howrse International. If you would like to add me as a friend, click here. I’ll be checking my history if I ever miss a draw to make sure I send a ticket back :)

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  1. breeanonon 12 Jul 2012 at 4:56 pm

    You can only use the scale once, i traded my pandoras box for a horn of plenty, quite a good deal i must say, wish you could use it more than once though!i would be rich, it was the best thing i got on howrse lottery! wish it lasted longer

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