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Jul 23 2012

Summer Water Balloon Fight

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Howrse is really cranking out the promotions recently. The Companion Journey will continue until August 2nd and tomorrow starts the official release of the Howrse Cup. Yet today, the Water Balloon Fight was announced which will continue until August 6th. As always, there’s rewards for who throws the most balloons: 1st to 10th 1 x […]

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Jul 19 2012

Modern Feature on Howrse and Forum on HH

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Instead of the normal drop-down menu when choosing the duration of a training ride or how much to feed, there’s a different ‘ticker’ to select the amount. You can change between this new interface and the previous drop-down menu on your account settings. Go to Profile > My Account > select the last check box […]

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Jul 18 2012

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”

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Whenever I post a new page or text post, it’s done through an editor – not how the users see it. Every once in a while I’ll look at my site as how a user would view it. I know pages are out of date (promise updates are coming soon), but it seems that some […]

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Jul 17 2012

New Online Game: Howrse Cup

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While the Summer Olympics are happening in London this year, Howrse decided to celebrate with a whole new online game – the Howrse Cup starting July 24th. It’s a completely new game that is not connected to any other Howrse account in any way; you’ll have to register for a new account. It will last […]

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