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Sep 26 2012

Trophies and New Features!

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First, let’s start with the new features: DNA Strand Item: This is available only to new players with a seniority under 30 days and who are not still completing the tutorial. This 1 pass item completes training, rides, and competitions for one horse. Qualifications include: For horses starting at 1 year and 6 months old […]

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Sep 22 2012

Titan’s Challenge – Limited BM Item

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Howrse created a new BM item, Titan’s Challenge, available until September 24th, 8 GMT. It’s similar to a Horn of Plenty, but you can chance your luck and try to earn more prizes as you move up the levels. It’s currently 2 passes in the Black Market or you can earn a free one by […]

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Sep 09 2012

Lottery is Back!

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The Lottery on Howrse is back again until September 20th; it seems that there’s always going to be a promotion going on. I don’t have the time to make a whole long post about it, but it follows the same guidelines and basically the same prizes as the last one. However, you do have a […]

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