Oct 01 2012

Newest Promotion: Treasure Race

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Join the new Treasure Race to win a treasure chest or an Earth Divine!

Howrse is at it again with yet another promotion. If you were on earlier in the summer, there was a promotion involving a pinata; this race follows the same principles. The goal is to break the barrier that blocks you to the next obstacle. After that barrier is broken either from clicking on it, asking for help from a friend, or completing the objectives.


NOTE: Wait to use the final click on the obstacle if you did not COMPLETE all objectives for that obstacle (most only have one or two). The reward from the objective is what will help you to win the promo sooner. The top prizes include a Treasure Chest, a BM item that cannot be purchased and the new Solar System Divine, Earth. As of October 11, 2012, you can use a HOP to earn points. The more challenging the obstacle is, the higher points you will earn.



Prizes to earn with each new obstacle as well as the objectives:

1. Obstacle, 2 points: 2 aging points and Achilles’ heel

Objective: Give your horse a drink

Reward: 1 click on 12 hours


2. Bridge, 5 points: 10% energy for all horses and 1 Saddle WL

Objective: Congratulate a player

Reward: To be able to be helped by 4 friends per day

Tip: When you’re at three points, let 2 friends do the last two clicks since the objective for the third obstacle is to click on it; it’ll speed up the process


3. Spider web, 10 points: Ow’s congratulations, 2 diamonds

Objective 1: Click on the obstacle

Reward: three extra clicks for your obstacle

Objective 2: Go to Ow’s page

Reward: three points for your obstacle.


4. Carnivorous Plant, 15 points; 30 apples, 1 Pandora’s Box

Objective 1: Make a donation to Ow (all vary, mine was a bit over 4,000e)

Reward: Be helped by 6 friends per day

Objective 2: Sell 3 turnips

Reward: Click every 6 hours


5.Snake, 20 points; 5 calorific mashes, Boreas’s Lunge (to be used within 7 days)

Objective 1: Participate in a competition

Reward: Next five clicks earn 2 points

Objective 2: Help a friend on an obstacle

Reward: 3 bonus clicks


6. Stone Wall, 26 points; turnips (5 per day for 30 days), Ploutos’ Parchment

Objective 1: Specialize a horse
Reward: Number of points needed cut in half

Objective 2: Win a treat while putting a horse in the meadow
Reward: Clicks earn two points each


7. Scorpions, 30 points; MF Bridle, Poseidon’s Horseshoes, 5 Diamonds

Objective 1: Earn 120e from a Ploutos’ Parchment on a horse (take care of a horse that has Ploutos’ Parchment and age it for the objective to validate)

Reward: able to click every 3 hours

Objective 2: Train for 5 hours

Reward: 10 extra points


 8. Bramble Hedge, 40 points; 100 apples, 5 aging points, 1 Black Orchid

Objective 1: Give a donation to Ow (mine was around 9,000e)

Reward: The next four clicks earn three points

Objective 2: Click the last click on a friend’s obstacle

Reward: be helped by 8 friends per day


9. Rockfall, 50 points; 15 Energy mashes, a made-to-measure bridle, and Medusa’s Blood.

TIP: Because of objective 2’s reward, wait to use friend clicks.

Objective 1: Finish last in a competition

Reward: 8 bonus clicks

Objective 2: Give a divine or wild horse an apple

Reward: Next 10 friend clicks earn 2 points each


10. Door, 60 points; 30 turnips, 1 saddle WL, 1 Croesus’ Fortune

Objective 1: Earn 1e in a competition (cross country with a low-skilled horse is typically best; look for a low kitty)

Reward: 15 points for your obstacle

Objective 2: Give a 10 year old horse an aging point

Reward: click two times every 3 hours.


11. Spider Web, 80 points; 20 Caloric mashes, 1 Daphne’s Laurels, Poseidon’s Saddle

Objective 1: Finish 3rd in 3 competitions (TIP: validate the objective, but WAIT to do these clicks; complete the second objective first so you can use these on obstacle 12)

Reward: 5 bonus clicks

Objective 2: Find a turnip UFO (This will appear randomly. If another UFO shows up, don’t click on it as your chances for another will increase. I went through random pages and logged in/out a few times. It took me a few hours to find one.)

Reward: Complete the obstacle on the next click


12. Carnivorous Plant, 100 points; 5,000e, Poseidon’s Bridle, Zues’ Lightning Bolt (to be used in 30 days)

Objective 1: Participate in a gallop competition requiring 15% energy

Reward: Friend clicks earn 2 points each

TIP: I got this right away; I entered a horse with 1830 skills with 468 % in gallop, 394 % in speed, and in dressage 324 %.

Objective 2: Make a donation to Ow (around 20,000e)

Reward: Be able to click on the obstacle 2 times every 2 hours


I won’t be home for the next two days so I cannot update this page. You can read through the obstacles/objectives posted in Gaelic Warrior’s forum. Read through them to try to strategize, but keep in mind it may not be true. As an example for a strategy, a reward for an objective in obstacle nine will give you two points per friend click; wait to use your friend clicks until you complete that objective to get you farther. Also for obstacle 11, if you find a turnip UFO, you clear the obstacle in the next click. I came across one today so I’m just going to leave that tab open and my computer on until I reach that objective. I’m only two away so it’s within reason :)

more to come as I complete them :) If you want to get the Earth divine, you need to try to complete one obstacle per day; the promotion ends on the 18th of October.


Don’t forget to help out some friends when you have extra time! The option is right below your obstacle. If no friends need help at the moment, there won’t be a drop down. Feel free to add me on Howrse and I’ll click on the obstacles when I have time.

This will mark the end of the Solar System Divines – with the release of Earth, Sun is now awarded to the players who have all the SS divines. Earth can breed to Sun, producing the final divine, Moon. Read more at the Divine and Special FAQ


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  1. janey567on 28 Oct 2012 at 10:32 pm

    Haha funny!

  2. pk...on 29 Oct 2012 at 1:05 am

    i got through all 20 levels and got the earth. she is giving birth tomorrow, yay! it took 20 passes plus the 5 hops i had in m invitory though so she wasnt cheep.

  3. Beaon 01 Jan 2013 at 8:48 am

    I still don’t get how to Find a treat by putting a horse out to pasture!
    What is pasture??? And how do you do it???

  4. Kelissaon 20 Feb 2013 at 7:05 pm

    I have one question………………………….

    In the gift machines slot, it says;
    Objective: Find a treat by putting a horse out to pasture

    I don’t understand it. Please at least tell me what it means!

    Thank you,
    Miss Lissykins

  5. Jessicaon 20 Feb 2013 at 7:54 pm

    Kelissa: It’s best to post on the page for the corresponding promotion ;)
    This means to put your horse out in the meadow until there is a notification in your horse’s history (on the left under the care/treat actions) that says your horse found a turnip or apple while it was in the pasture. I suggest doing this with a horse that has Croesus’ Fortune and put the horse in for 30 minutes at a time until you find the treat.

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