Nov 19 2012

“The Enchanted Greenhouse” Promotion

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Howrse released a new promotion that hasn’t really been seen before. With this promotion, you grow seeds to earn certain gifts. You can increase the process by watering and adding fertilizer.

How to get seeds:

  • When you log in for the first time of the day
  • With some daily missions
  • When you get certain flowers blooming
  • In the flash sales
  • By opening Horns of Plenty (2 seeds per Horn of Plenty)

Different seeds available (in order of quality from least to greatest)

  • purple
  • green
  • blue
  • pink
  • gold

Each seed awards different prizes, along with the chance of getting a better item. Since the list of rewards is so long, please visit the promo page (must log in to view) and scroll to the bottom to find a chart with all the details on the seeds. If you put your mouse over the seed, it will show you the rewards.

Once you plant a seed, water the seed and use fertilizer if you have any. The greater quality of the plant, the less growth fertilizer will give it. Complete the missions under the display of pots on the promotion page to earn more seeds or bonuses. These will help you complete the promotion faster. The promotion ends on December 9th, 2012; this gives you 21 days to plant 30 seeds for the chance to get a Garrano Wild Horse (first gold seed planted) or a Brumby Wild Horse (the second gold seed planted) after plating 40 seeds.


Day 1:

1. Give water to a horse

Reward: 1 purple seed

2. Buy an apple from the store

Reward: Be able to water the plants every 8 hours

Day 2:

1. Groom a horse

Reward: 2 blue seeds

2. Give an apple to a friend’s horse

Reward: Watering can fills up an extra 20% (Note: can’t go past 100%)

 Day 3:

1. Take part in a lesson with a horse

Reward: 1 Purple seed

2. Sell 5 droppings to the store in one go

Reward: 1 Fertilizer

Day 4:

1. Train a horse (use any horse; train it using the training bars for any amount of time)

Reward: One plant grows 5%

2. Congratulate another player

Reward: Watering can fills up every 8 hours.

Day 5:

1. Put a horse out in pasture (doesn’t matter how long)

Reward:Green Seed

2. Click on a friend’s page

Reward: Daily grow percentage multiplied by 2 (finally!)

 Day 5:

1. Go on a steep terrain ride (long jumping)

Reward: Purple seed

2. Make a donation to Ow (mine was about 3,000e)

Reward: Water plants every 7 hours

Day 6:

1. Give a turnip to a five year old horse

Reward: watering can fills up 15%

2. Cover a mare

Reward: plant grows by 5%

Day 7:

1. Participate in a competition

Reward: purple seed

2. Receive an aging point from a friend

Reward: watering can gets filled to the max. level

Day 8:

1.Find a whip by putting a horse in a box (use a horse with Croesus’ Fortune, if possible)

Reward: Green seed

2. Finish last in a competition

Reward: One plants automatically grows another 10%

Day 9:

1. Give fertilizer to a plant

Reward: One plant automatically grows 5%

2. Water a plant

Reward: You can now grow 12 plants instead of 8

Day 10:

1. Stroke a horse with a cremello  coat(you will have to purchase one if you don’t have one; buy the lowest price horse in the sales and resell it for the same price)

Reward: Purple seed

2. Give an aging point to a friend

Reward: The plants require half as much water now (doesn’t affect the growth)

Day 11:

1. Finish 3rd in 3 competitions (try using a bunch of different horses in different types of competitions)

Reward: Watering can fills up 10% (but it cannot go past 100%)

2. Make a donation to Ow (mine was around 11,000e)

Reward: one plant automatically grows by 5%

Day 12:

1. Visit a friend’s EC page

Reward: 1 green seed

2. Find an energy mash UFO

Reward: one plant grows by 10%

Day 13:

1. Have a breeders reserve ending in _____ (different for everyone. sell items back to the store to get get the right amount. Or subtract the amount needed and selling a horse for that price)

Reward: The watering can fills up 15%

2. Groom a pegasus

Reward: 1 fertilizer

 Day 14:

1. Congratulate a player on their birthday (Go to Community > Directories > See today’s birthdays)

Reward: purple seed

2. Accept an item exchange

Reward: 1 plant automatically grows 15%

Day 15:

1. Water the same plant 3 times a day (note: you must water your plant pretty early in the day to achieve this)

Reward: 1 Green seed

2. Cover a unicorn in the right conditions

Reward: Be able to water the plants every 6 hours

Day 16:

1. Receive droppings from a friend

Reward: One plant automatically grows 10%

2. Open a Horn of Plenty (try stroking an Xanthos to get one)

Reward: 1 Fertilizer

Day 17:

1. Give a carrot to a horse of which you are the breeder

Reward: Watering can fills up 15%

2. Give a donation to Ow (about 20,000e)

Reward: Watering can fills up every 6 hours

Note: If you don’t think you need this, you don’t have to make the donation.

Day 18:

1. Get congratulated by 20 players

Reward: 1 plant grows 10%

2. Breed twins

Reward: 1 plant grows 10%

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  1. Meadow_Heavenon 09 Dec 2012 at 6:18 am

    Is there anybody that has a 31-32 Years old horse I Can borrow to complete The quest?

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