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Jan 28 2013

Release the Horses!

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Similar to the pinata and obstacle promotion, this promotion requires you to click on the horse until you earn enough to set it free. This promotion is a bit more personalized by allowing players to offer their drawings. This promotion ends February 14th. In order to win the newest divine, Notus, you’ll have to set […]

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Jan 10 2013

Wandering Horses Join Us Yet Again!

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I’ve received many questions asking about what the wanderings horses are and how to get one. Now that they’re back, hopefully I won’t receive that question for a while! This time around, the horses are actually sea creatures. Each one has a different task to complete in order to earn the horse and its prize. […]

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Jan 09 2013

Complete New Design For Howrse….and HH?

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Today Howrse released their first, and one of their biggest, changes to the site: well actually a whole new interface. The site increased from 856 pixels to 960 pixels, which is a pretty big and noticeable difference. The following pages were changed: store inventory will be listed in two columns pasture/box pages for your EC […]

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