Jan 28 2013

Release the Horses!

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Similar to the pinata and obstacle promotion, this promotion requires you to click on the horse until you earn enough to set it free. This promotion is a bit more personalized by allowing players to offer their drawings.

This promotion ends February 14th. In order to win the newest divine, Notus, you’ll have to set all 20 horses free by that date. The point values will increase for each horse you set free. Plus, some objectives can’t be completed right away – make sure you think before you validate.

Aafke mentioned in the comments the objectives for this promotion are very similar to the treasure race. I linked the post here if you guys want to read over the objectives just so you’ll be prepared (such as waiting to click) for the next objective in this race, as long as it wasn’t posted on this page first. ;)

The 20 Horses, Rewards, and Objectives:

1. Secret Garden (2 points)

Reward: 2 Aging points, Medusa’s Blood

Objective 1: Stroke a horse; Reward: click every 12 hours

2. Dastän (5 points)

Reward: 10% energy for all your horses, Golden Spurs

Objective 1: Congratulate a player; Reward: be helped by 4 friends per day

3. Faylinn (10 points)

Reward: Ow’s Congratulations, 1,000e

Objective 1: Click on Faylinn; Reward: 3 bonus clicks

Objective 2: Visit Ow’s page; Reward: 3 points for Faylinn

4. TeamWork (15 points)

Reward: 30 apples & Pandora’s Box

Objective 1: Donate to Ow (I think this changes on your reserve – I had to donate 4,700e); Reward: 6 friends can help per day

Objective 2: Sell 3 turnips; Reward: Click every 6 hours

 5. Jahnil (20 points)
Reward: 5 Caloric mash and 1 Daphnes Laurels

Objective 1:Participate in a competition; Reward: next 5 clicks earn 2 points,
Objective 2: Give the last click on a friends horse; Reward: earn 3 bonus clicks

6. Breakout from Golden Cage (25 points)
Reward: 5 turnips per day for 30 days, Golden Apple

Objective 1: Buy a saddle and the number of points needed halves
Objective 2:Find a treat by putting a horse out to pasture and each click earns 2 points

Tip: Now that you only need 13 points to release the horse, make sure you only use 5 friend clicks; if you use 6, you’ll be wasting a point that could be used on the next horse.

7. Vento  (30 points)
Reward: 2000e & Helios Ray

Objective 1: Earn 120e from a Ploutos’ Parchment; Reward: Click every 3 hours (care for and age a horse that has Ploutos’ Parchment to validate)
Objective 2: Train for 5 hours; Reward: 10 points

8. Fantasy (40 points)
Reward: 100 apples, 5 Aging Points, Black Orchid

Objective 1: Donate to Ow; Reward: 3 points for next 4 clicks
Objective 2: Give the last click on a friend’s horse; Reward:8 friends can help per day

9. Goldenree (50 points)

Reward: 15 energy mash, 500 points in overall ranking, 1 Achilles’ Heel

Objective 1: Finish last in a competition; Reward: 8 bonus clicks
Objective 2: Give a divine or wild horse an apple – next 10 friend clicks earn 2 points each

10. Byussa (60 points)

Reward: 30 turnips, 100 droppings, water of youth

Objective 1: Earn 1e in competition (look at cross country comps/jumping comps. You’ll probably have more success in looking at jumping competitions. Change the length of the course to be around .12 miles.You must place last in a competition with a kitty of 10e); Reward: 15 points for your obstacle

Objective 2: Give a 10 year old horse an aging point; Reward: click two times every 3 hours

11. Actpym (80 points)

Reward: 20 calorific mashes, 1 Boreas Lunge, 15 days subscription to the Pegasus Account

Objective 1: Finish 3rd in three competitions; Reward: 5 bonus clicks WAIT TO VALIDATE – if you complete the second objective, you can use these clicks on your next horse

Objective 2: Find an aging point UFO (note: if you’re trying to complete this, don’t click on any other UFOs – it will give you a smaller chance of finding an aging point); Reward: the horse is released on the next click.

12. We Waiting (100 points)

Reward: 4,000e and a Zues’ Lightning Bolt

Objective 1: Enter a competition requiring 12% energy (try cross country/jumping competitions with a low skilled horse); Reward: friend clicks earn 2 points each

Objective 2: Donation to Ow (mine was 13,000e); Reward: be able to click 2 times every 2 hours.

13. Stardust (150 points)

Reward: 100% morale for your horses, bonus pack

Objective 1: Stroke a horse with a Palomino Tobiano coat; Reward: the next 10 friend clicks earn 3 points

Objective 2: Feed a horse 2 to 3 kilogram’s worth of fodder by putting it out to pasture (must be done during one time in the pasture); Reward: Number of points earned for Stardust multiplies by 2 – WAIT TO VALIDATE UNTIL YOU EARNED 75 POINTS

14-19 coming soon

15. Silas (250 points)

Reward: 10 Aging point, 1000 Points in the overall ranking, 1 Poseidon’s Pack

Objective 1: Congratulate a player on their birthday (Go to Community > Directory > players> “see today’s birthdays” ); Reward: be helped by 10 friends per day

Objective 2: Give a turnip to a horse that is older than 40 (neither special, nor divine); Reward: the next click earns 20 points

Objective 3: Participate in a lesson that pays 46e (you can search for ECs that have this lesson price); Reward: 120 points for Silas.

16. Monkey Shines (300 points)

Reward: 5,000e, Hestia’s Gift

Objective 1: Purchase a horse for 4,116e; Reward: Earn 130 points for Monkey Shines

Objective 2: Make a donation to Ow; Reward: clicks earn 3 points each

Objective 3: Agree to an item exchange; Reward: 10 bonus clicks

20. Unknown name (2000 points)

Reward: Notus

Objective 1: Breed a Unicorn in the right conditions; Reward: Clicks earn 10 points each

Objective 2: Give birth to twins; Reward: Number of points needed divided by 2

Objective 3: Have a breeder reserve that ends in _____; Reward: 5 Bonus Clicks

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  1. icegirl135on 12 Feb 2013 at 10:59 pm

    i REALLY cant find an aging point! and i ve been looking for one for 3 days!!

  2. Bookworm Eragonon 13 Feb 2013 at 3:14 am

    Mechanic – 14/20
    Points to earn: 200 points
    50 x Turnip
    1 x Ploutos’ Parchment
    1 x Horn of Plenty to be used within 7 days

    Objective no. 1: Have won at least 1,000 Equus in competitions with one horse
    Reward: The next 10 clicks earn 3 points (except clicks from friends).

    Objective no. 2: Compete in 50 competitions that require 20% of energy 0 %
    Reward: Number of points needed divided by 2

  3. jojothehorseon 13 Feb 2013 at 6:28 pm

    I’m confused on objective 2 on the 13th horse, Stardust…. We’re supposed to feed one of our horses 2 to 3 kilograms of fodder by putting it in the pasture, but when I did 2.7 and 2.2 it doesn’t work! I noticed that when you put them in the pasture it says pounds, though… so does that mean I need to convert it to kilograms?? Please help! I only have a day left and already have over 75 points!

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