Feb 18 2013

Gift Machines – the newest type of a promotion!

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I think players will enjoy this promotion. It seems that it is possible to win the divine without the use of passes, but of course, they will be helpful.

From what I understand, you first build the machine and then through actions on the game, you machine will be powered. At that point, you will receive the gifts for that machine. The actions that bring you energy will be similar to the set of objectives; Howrse will tell you what you need to do.

Task: You may complete five objectives per day. If you open Horn of Plenties, you can gain more parts. I suggest waiting till later on when the objectives get harder. There are five different machines that you need to build in order to receive the newest divine, Caicias. For each objective completed, you earn one part to the machine.

This promotion ends March 7th; as the promotion moves on calculate if you can make it to the ending date without using HOPs. If you need some, stroke some Xanthos, or try to save up to buy one in the exchanges. You can also use a pass horse (explained on the FAQ page) to earn a pass to purchase a HOP.

FOR ALL MACHINES: once you win one prize, you can continue to generate energy for that machine to try to win a second gift.

1. Manure Machine: (10 objectives)

Prizes (chosen at random): 20 turnips, 1 made to measure bridle, 5 aging points, 1 Daphnes’ Laurels, 1 Croseus’s Fortune, 2 diamonds. 1,000e

Objectives for Parts:

1. Groom a horse
2. Buy 3 apples
3. Congratulate 2 players
4. Train a horse for 3 consecutive hours
5. Use an aging point
6. Give an apple to a friend’s horse
7. Sell 5 droppings
8. Stroke on a horse in the safe haven
9. Bid on a horse
10. Make a donation to Ow (mine was 2,000e)

The machine is now activated. You can do the tasks listed on the page or start making a new machine.You will have to transform 100 droppings to create 10 bags of manure.(There is a button on the ride side of manure machine page)

Keep in mind, you will receive one of the prizes listed and not all of them.

2. Wind Machine (15 objectives)

Prizes: (remember you will receive one at random) Pandora’s Box, Golden Spurs, 10 000e, 5 Diamonds, Water of Youth, Achilles’ Heel, Helios’ Ray

Objectives for Parts:

1. Give a mash to a horse
2. Find a treat by putting a horse out to pasture
3. Go on a ride for at least 4 hours with one of your horses
4. Finish last in a competition
5. Purchase a horse
6. Participate in 20 competitions
7. Place first in a competition
8. Get congratulated 15 times (Congratulate other players hoping they will return the favor)
9. Register a horse in an equestrian center
10. Find one more friend on the game (I accepted a request for it to validate)
11. Offer an aging point to a friend
12. Give a turnip to a horse that has between 121 and 169 points in gallop skills
13. Breed a mare (basically just cover a mare)
14. Make a Pegasus drink
15. Donation to Ow (mine was 4,300e)

Tasks for generating wind fuel:

  • Take part in 4 Gallop Races (at most once every 12 hours) +10 wind
  • Train 7 horses for speed (at most once every 12 hours) +10 wind Note: I just train the horses for 30 minutes of speed so I can continue to use the same horses each time and their training bar won’t fill.
  • Recover Eolus’ Wind from a horse (at most once every 12 hours) +10 wind Note: There is a button on the bottom right of the horse’s page to remove the E. Wind
  • Open Horns of Plenty    +20 wind

Hydraulic Machine (20 objectives)

Prizes: (remember you will receive one at random) Harmony Pack, Poseidon’s Pack, Chronos’ Timer, 50 000e, Titan’s Challenge (to be used within 30 days), Hestia’s Gift, Hermes’ Winged Staff (to be used within 30 days)

Objectives for parts:

1. Give a carrot to a horse that is at least 10 years old
2. Attend a lesson that gives you 46e
3. Train a horse in Dressage (amount of time doesn’t matter)
4. Visit the profile page of the director of the equestrian center you work for
5. Put a horse with a Palomino Tobiano coat to bed (These are expensive in the sales (50,000e), but if you purchase it quickly and resell it for the same price, you’ll keep your money and complete the objectives)
6. Give birth to a foal
7. Have won at least 1,000 Equus in competitions with one horse (find a horse that has earned a total of 1,000e in competitions – it’s displayed in the characteristics box. Enter the horse in another competition and once you see the results, the objective should validate)
8. Visit a player’s profile page on their birthday (Go Community > Directory > See today’s birthdays)
9. Finish third in three competitions
10. Make a donation to Ow (mine was 4,200e)11. Participate in 20 competitions (may be a different number for each player)
12. Finish training in a skill
13. Find a tub of grease when putting a horse in its box (try this with a horse that has Croesus’ Fortune)
14. Stroke a horse born from Ouranos and Gaia (you can use your first horse or a new breed of a horse that you won in a promo)
15. Earn 1 equus in competition (try cross country/jumping competitions with a horse that has a low amount of skills. Change the course length to .26 or .17…make it pretty low until you can find a competition that has a kitty of 11  or 10 equus)
16. Find an aging point when one of your horses wakes up
17. Have a breeders reserve ending in 777 (sell some items at the store/stroke a horse in the Safe Haven to get small amounts of equus)
18. Use a black orchid (use this on a pass horse if you’re going to try for the Divine machine – one objective is to age a horse to 40)
19. Win 20 comps
20. Donate to Ow

How to fuel the machine:

  • Water 10 horses (at most once every 3 hours) +3 water
  • Give birth to a foal with Aphrodite’s Tears (at most once every 12 hours) +3 water
  • Remove the Water of Youth from a horse (at most once every 12 hours) +3 water
  • Open Horns of Plenty +6 water

Divine Machine (25 parts)

Prize: new Wind divine, Caicias

Objectives for parts:

1. Buy Made-to-measure saddle
2. Enter 2 races that require 12 %
3. Buy a pregnant mare
4. Feed 2-3 kg of fodder (between 4.4 and 6.6 pounds)
5. Donate to OW
6. Send a horse to Safe Haven
7. Give an apple to a divine/wild horse
8. Win an amount ending in 5
9. Agree to an item exchange
10. Enter 60 comps
11. Find an aging point UFO (Howrse user moonn suggests to wait to validate objective 10. Once you find the aging point, validate objective 10, THEN click on the aging point, and validate the objective. There is a belief that Howrse stops the script at that objective, making it harder for the UFO to appear.)
12. Buy a horse for 1 pass ( or more )
13. Send a dead horse to heaven
14. Use a pandoras box
15. Donate to Ow
16. Give an apple to a 50 year old
17. Reach 100 blup
18. Groom a Dun Overo
19. Age a horse to 40
20. Register a horse in Prix
21. Make a horse immortal (add a Philosopher’s Stone)
22. Win 20 comps
23. Breed a uni in right conditions
24. Give birth to twins
25. Donate to Ow

How to fuel the machine:

  • Remove Helios’ Ray from a horse (at most once every 12 hours) +1 energy
  • Open Horns of Plenty +2 energy

I want to thank Howrse player moonn for providing the list of objectives in their forum.

As you can tell, it’ll require over 20 passes to power the machine. (Several players did the math in the post in moonn’s forum if you want to check it out). Personally, I don’t think this divine is worth the many passes. Not to mention, you’ll need at least one pass for the list of objectives, possibly even three or four.

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67 Responses to “Gift Machines – the newest type of a promotion!”

  1. Lynn693on 04 Mar 2013 at 4:46 am

    Made-to-measure saddles now cost more than 30000! Anyone knows what the original price is?

  2. Jessicaon 04 Mar 2013 at 4:36 pm

    Lynn693: I’m pretty sure I saw one for 12,000e during the promotion…maybe even 5,000e before the promotion.

  3. Mashallaon 04 Mar 2013 at 7:51 am

    It is simply not fair,what about players who don’t have passes like me.I’m on the objective 10 on divine machine,but when I came here I thought how will I buy a horse for a pass.Howrse is not fair and that’s why I’m not going on howrse so often.I always wanted a divine or wild horse but now I see that it’s immposible.

  4. Frobozzon 04 Mar 2013 at 7:13 pm

    Yet another reason to dislike this promo; price gouging on essential equipment. :(

    I think Made Saddles were around 8000 but I may be thinking of US server prices.
    It’s not this bad on US server ATM, prices are double but proportional with other quality tack.
    US Saddles are 16K and bridles 12K. On International, saddles are now 3X the price of the 10K bridles at 32k!!

  5. Frobozzon 04 Mar 2013 at 7:21 pm


    Divines are not really essential to the game in any way.

    You don’t need passes to get Divines, just luck and/pr persistance. I got a Greyfell in an Xmas promo ‘Exceptional Gift’, and I didn’t spend any passes on that promo, or any other promo. This current promo… not at all good. Next one hope wiull be better. (can’t be worse!)

  6. Symbionton 05 Mar 2013 at 5:14 pm

    It wasn’t possible. The last level required HOPs to open, over 50.

    WHoever paid 75$+ for that divine, you are dumb. Sorry, but you’ll only regret it…

  7. Laykamon 07 Mar 2013 at 12:57 pm

    I really dislike the fact that all the new promotion things recuire passes or HoP’s.
    I understand that they want ppl to buy passes but there are a lot of children and ppl who dont have the money or are not allowed to buy them.

  8. DJCandyon 23 Sep 2013 at 12:58 pm

    Please someone help me! I don’t know how to train my horse for 5 consecutive hours. Help!

  9. DJCandyon 23 Sep 2013 at 1:00 pm

    Please help! I don’t know how to train for 5 consecutive hours. Help!

  10. anushaon 24 Sep 2013 at 12:12 pm

    To DJCandy
    You need to go on my Account, which is on the My Profile drop down box
    Then you click on game preferences
    There should be a box saying 3 hours
    click on that and it should get you to 5 hours of training!

  11. Nixie.on 27 Sep 2013 at 5:57 am

    What happened to the solar machine?
    that comes before the divine?

  12. Jessicaon 27 Sep 2013 at 11:07 pm

    @Nixie: go to the homepage of HowrseHelper to see the post about the newest promotion…you’re on a page referring to the gift machines from the past.

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