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Apr 23 2013

Newest Updates on Howrse!

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There aren’t any major changes this time around, but they’re still noteworthy! First off, Howrse is celebrating it’s sixth birthday (which was April 22) with a star rain! Stars will appear as UFOs and will bring some great prizes! There are smaller prizes, such as turnips or aging points, but bigger prizes as well such […]

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Apr 17 2013

Blogger Needed!

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As the site continues to grow, it’s harder to manage it alone. My time is beginning to be constricted so I’d like to start to search now for a blogger for HH. I ask that this player has a firm understanding of HTML coding, been on Howrse for a good amount of time, and is […]

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Apr 14 2013

April Calendar!

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Sorry this took so long! This isn’t a strategical promotion so I didn’t jump on posting it since I didn’t have the time. The promotion for April is the April Calendar. Beginning on April 1, players could play “pranks” on each other. After the player cancels the effect, the player receives some sort of gifts […]

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