Jun 17 2013

The Vegtable Garden Promotion!

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Howrse gives us no break between this promotion and the previous! This promotion is based more on time rather than skill or chance. The object is to plant, water, and fertilize the seeds to produce different gifts. To water the seeds, you’ll have to have a friend give you water, or earn water by completing the daily missions (your watering can will refill every 12 hours). To fertilize the seeds, you’ll have to open Horns of Plenty.

*Make sure you complete the tutorial – you really can’t get around it – and plant your pumpkin seed immediately. It does not require any work; make sure you keep up with planting other seeds!

Calculations: The contest ends July 4th, which is 17 days away from June 17. This means that in order to earn the divine horse, you’ll have to harvest around 3 or 4 seeds a day (equals to 51 to 68 harvests, respectively) and use 22 to 49 fertilizers. Hopefully there will be some help with the daily missions!

Seeds and their prizes:

Tomato: (Eoleus’ Wind, Daphne’s Laurels, Equus, Saddle, Bridle)
Growth: 5% per day, 10% with watering, 30% with fertilizer
Amount of water needed: 12 gallons

Corn: (Achilles’ Heel, Borea’s Lunge, Golden Spurs, Black Orchid, Equus, Aging Points)
Growth: 4% per day, 8% with watering, 24% with fertilizer
Amount of water needed: 24 gallons

Eggplant: (Horn of Plenty, Philosopher’s Stone, Harmony Pack, Chronos’ Timer, Zeus’ Lightning Bolt)
Growth: 3% per day, 6% with watering, 18% with fertilizer
Amount of water needed: 36 gallons

Cauliflower: (Fifth Element, Hermes’ Scale, Titan’s Challenge, Hestia’s Gift, Nyx Pack, Morpheus’ Arms, Hera Pack)
Growth: 2% per day, 4% with watering, 12% with fertilizer
Amount of water needed: 48 gallons

Pumpkin: (Skeiron)
Growth: 1% when harvesting another vegetable, 1% with fertilizer
Amount of water needed: cannot be watered


Daily Missions: (this will update daily)

*Note: you can view all daily missions by clicking on “How to grow vegetables” on the promo page, click “View my histories” and click on the “My previous missions” tab

Day 13:

1. Receive 20 Congratulations; Reward: corn seed

*Tip: Go around and congratulate as many players as you can for five – seven minutes. Check back at your page once in a while to see if you’ve reached it. If not, continue to congratulate others, hoping they will return the favor

2. Donate to Ow (mine was around 11,000e); Reward: fertilizer

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13 Responses to “The Vegtable Garden Promotion!”

  1. nelson1235on 27 Jun 2013 at 2:09 pm

    day 11 objective 2 for me is 39 comps and my one of my friends is 10

  2. Frobozzon 27 Jun 2013 at 6:12 pm

    My day 11 goal is 50 comps… ya, right, that’s not impossible… :(

    I think it’s based on the number of races you’ve entered. I’ve blupped a lot of unis.

  3. Olaon 04 Jul 2013 at 7:16 am

    I didn’t like that one at all :/ prizes where weak taking the effort it took to get them and finishing the pumpkin impossible without spending a fortune. I watered plants every day and opened 10 HOPs and didn’t even make it to 60% shame. I’m curious as to what will come next though

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