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Jul 11 2013

The Puzzles!

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Oops, looks like I’m a little bit late :P Well you can gather puzzle pieces and stick ’em together to win prizes! How do you gather pieces? By logging in daily By grooming a horse (once per day) By winning competitions (once per day) By reaching a horse’s 10th birthday (once per day) By removing […]

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Jul 01 2013

50,000,000 Registered users on Howrse!

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Howrse now has 50,000,000 registered users throughout all the languages! To celebrate, there’ll be special UFOs floating around the site from 5000 equus to a Nyx Pack or even a Wild Horse! On July 7th, there’ll be a draw across all the languages involving each player who caught a 50 million UFO. The winner of […]

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