Sep 02 2013

Piñata Promotion!

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Hey everyone!

Howrse has a basic, easygoing promotion, as they bring back the pinatas once again. Just click on the pinata and follow objectives/ask for help from friends to earn more points. Once the piñata reaches the necessary amount of points, you will receive a prize! The strategy behind this promotion is to stay on top of when your piñata can be clicked again and completing the objectives in a strategic order. I’ll make note of these when they appear in the objectives.

Below are the details of every piñata:

Piñata 1: (two aging points, achilles’ heel) 3 points

Objective 1: click on the piñata; Reward: one point for your piñata

Objective 2: **start with a pony; it will be easier** groom a horse; Reward: one point

Piñata 2: (10% energy, Hypnos’ Blanket, saddle WL) 6 points

Objective 1: Stroke a horse; Reward: to be helped by 4 friends a day

Objective 2: put a pony to bed; Reward: 1 bonus click

Piñata 3: (Ow’s Congratulations and Piece of Cloud) 10 points

Objective 1: congratulate a player; Reward: 10 points

Objective 2: click on Ow’s page (link provided); Reward: click once every twelve hours

Piñata 4: (30 apples, Pandora’s Box) 15 points

Objective 1: Sell exactly three turnips; Reward: be helped by six friends per day

Objective 2: Give a donation to Ow (mine was around 2,000e); Reward: five bonus clicks

Piñata 5: (five calorific mashes and Lunge) 20 points

Objective 1: Participate in a competition; Reward: The next 5 clicks earn 2 points (except clicks from friends).

Objective 2: Click on a friend’s Piñata; Reward: To be able to click on the Piñata 1 times every 6 hours

Piñata 6: (horseshoes for 30 days, Ploutos’ Parchment) 25 points

Objective  1: Specialize a horse; Reward:Number of points needed divided by 2

tip: typically, the horse will have to be under three years old in order to choose a specialty: basically choosing if the horse participates in western competitions or english competitions

Objective 2: Find a treat by putting a horse out to pasture; Reward:Clicks earn 2 points each (except clicks from friends)

Piñata 7: (MF Bridle and Harmony Pack) 30 points

Objective 1: Earn 120 Equus with a horse with a Ploutos’ Parchment; Reward: To be able to click on the Piñata 1 times every 3 hours

Objective 2: Train a horse for at least 5 consecutive hours; Reward: 10 points for your Piñata

tip: use the training bars and train your horse for five hours in one click.

Piñata 8 (30 turnips, 5 aging points, Black Orchid) : 40 points

Objective 1: Make a donation to Ow; Reward: the next four clicks earn 3 points (excluding clicks from friends)

Objective 2: Make the last click on a friend’s pinata; Reward: be helped by friends 8 times a day

tip: this will be easier if you have more friends; you will have a higher chance of making the last click. You could always PM friends to see where they are with their pinata and if they could save that last click for you.

Piñata 9: (100 droppings, Croesus’ Fortune, Medusa’s Blood) : 50 points

Objective 1: Finish last in eight competitions; Reward: 8 bonus clicks

Objective 2: Give a divine or wild horse an apple; Reward: The next ten friend clicks will earn 2 points each

**stop clicking on UFOS at this point: pinata 11 requires a UFO to open the pinata**

Piñata 10:  (15 energy mash, 500 points in the rankings, and Water of Youth) : 60 points

Objective 1: Earn 1 equus in a competition; Reward: 10 extra points for your pinata

Objective 2: Age a 15 year old horse (note it must be 15 exactly); Reward: Click twice every three hours

Piñata 11: (20 caloric mash, bell boots, Poseidon’s saddle): 80 points

Objective 1: Finish 3rd in 3 competitions; Reward: 5 bonus clicks

NOTE: DO NOT USE THESE BONUS CLICKS; do not click on the pinata at all actually, because of the next objective!!

Objective 2: Find a turnip UFO; Reward: Open the piñata directly on the next click

–now that you opened your pinata, and did not use your bonus clicks, you can use those 5 clicks on the next pinata, getting a head start!

Piñata 12: (4,000e Poseidon’s Bridle, Zeus’ Lightning Bolt): 100 points

Objective 1: Participate in a competitions requiring 12% energy; Reward: Friend clicks earn two points each

tip: use a horse with lower skills and enter them in a jumping competition (or the equivalent in western)

Objective 2: Make a donation to Ow; Reward: to be able to click on the pinata 2 times every two hours

Piñata 13: (100% morale for all your horses, whip, Bonus pack): 150 points

Objective 1: Stroke a horse with a Flaxen Liver Chestnut coat; Reward: next 10 friend clicks earn 3 points
tip: look for a cheap one in the sales and sell it for the same price/slightly higher once you’re done with it

Objective 2: Open a Horn of Plenty; Reward: number of points earned doubles

tip: DO NOT VALIDATE THIS UNTIL YOU REACH 75 POINTS; if you validate it earlier, this reward will not help you!

Piñata 14: (50 turnips, Helios’ Ray, Golden Apple) 200 points

Objective 1: Earn at least 1000 Equus in competitions with one horse; Reward: The next 10 clicks earn 3 points (except friend clicks)

Objective 2: Participate in 50 competitions that require 20% energy; Reward: Number of points needed divided by 2

Piñata 15: (10 aging points, Apollo’s Lyre, Chronos’ Timer) 250 points

Objective 1: Congratulate a player on their birthday; Reward: To be able to be helped by 10 friends per day

Objective 2: Give a turnip to a horse older than 40 (no special or divine horse); Reward: The next click earns 20 Points

Objective 3: Participate in a riding lesson with a payment of 46 equus; Reward: 120 points for your Pinata

**I only posted the pinatas that I have reached. There is a horse user that has all the pinatas listed in her forum if you want to check it out. I will no longer update this page as the promotion has ended.**

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  1. Fameon 19 Sep 2013 at 3:09 am

    Piñata nr. 14, the second goal – do I have to enter into competitions with exactly 20% energy? Or is the 20% requiremente a minimum?

  2. jordyon 26 Apr 2015 at 1:54 pm

    Does anyone have the pinatas above 15 from preprod or something?

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