Sep 23 2013

September Gift Machines!

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For the past few months, we have only gotten a few days of rests between promotions! Howrse is starting up their next promotion, the Gift Machines. First, you must complete objectives to find parts for the machine. Once the machine is built, you must complete more actions The player will receive the gifts once the machine has reached 100%.

Players can complete up to five objectives per day. If you all would like to work with a daily exchange, put your user name in the comments!


-A player can earn multiple prizes from one machine if they continue to fuel it.

-Opening a horn of plenty to obtain a part does not count towards completing the objective. Therefore if you open five horns of plenty and you complete your five objectives, you actually have obtained ten parts.

-This promotion ends October 8, 2013.

Manure Machine:

Prize for gathering necessary parts:

Objective: Groom a horse; Reward: Manure Machine (the machine came in one piece, rather than collecting parts)


Prizes (only one):  20 turnips, made-to-measure bridle, croesus’ fortune, 5 aging points, ploutos’ parchment

You may find manure instead of droppings when your horses wake up (limited to 30 awakened horses per day) +4
Recover Ploutos’ Parchment from a horse +20
Receive manure from your friends (at most 4 times a day) +10

Wind Machine:

Prizes for gathering necessary parts: Black Orchid


Part 1: Use one aging point

Part 2: Find a treat by putting a horse out to pasture (tip: use a horse with Croesus’ fortune to find one faster)

Part 3: Go for a ride for four hours

Part 4: Buy (exactly) 3 apples

Part 5: Train a horse for five consecutive hours (go to the training bars on a horse’s page and train for five hours at one time)

Part 6: Participate in 20 competitions

Part 7: Congratulate 2 players

Part 8: Finish last in a competition

Part 9: Register a horse in an equestrian center

Part 10: Sell five droppings

Part 11: Give an apple to a friend’s horse

Part 12: Give a turnip to a horse that has between 145 and 203 points in gallop skills

Part 13: Cover a mare

Part 14: Check the profile page of the equestrian center manager who hired you (If you work for your own EC, just go to your page)

Part 15: make a donation to Ow (mine was 4,000e)


Prizes (only one): Pandora’s Box, Achilles’ Heel, Spurs, Medusa’s Blood, Piece of Cloud

Take part in 4 Gallop Races (at most once every 12 hours) +10
Train 7 horses for speed (at most once every 12 hours) +10
Groom 2 Pegasus (at most once every 12 hours) +10
Receive wind from your friends (at most 4 times a day) +5
Open Horns of Plenty +20

Hydraulic Machine:

Prize for gathering necessary parts: Zeus’ Lighting Bolt


Part 1: Give a carrot to a horse that is at least 10 years old

Part 2: Purchase a horse

Part 3: Train a horse in Dressage

Part 4: Find one more friend on the game (add or accept a friend request)

Part 5: Put a horse with a Black Spotted Blanket coat to bed (note: if you purchase these in the sales, resell the horse for the same price or a little higher to get a profit)

Part 6: Give an aging point to one of your friends

Part 7: Have won at least 1,000e in competitions with one horse

Part 8: Get congratulated 15 times

Part 9: Finish third in three competitions

Part 10: Make a donation to Ow

Part 11: Participate in 20 competitions

Part 12: Give birth to a foal

Part 13: Find a tub of grease when putting a horse in its box

Part 14: Stroke a horse born from Ouranos and Gaia

Part 15: Earn 1 equus in a competition.

Part 16: Give the Bell Boots bonus to a horse (note: adding a bonus pack will NOT validate this. To add the bell boot bonus, go to a horse that does not have bell boots already. Click on the plus sign by the name of the horse, select add bonus, and select bell boots)

Part 17: Have a breeder’s reserve ending with 777 Equus (tip: the easiest way is to go to the store and purchase or sell some items to get to a reserve with the last three digits being 777)

Part 18: Use a Black Orchid on a horse

Part 19: Win 16 competitions

Part 20: Make a donation to Ow


Prizes: (only one is chosen): Water of Youth, Fertility Wand, Shower, Poseidon’s Pack, Hera’s Pack

Water 4 horses (at most once every 8 hours) +5
Give birth to a foal with Aphrodite’s Tears (at most once every 12 hours) +10
Remove the Water of Youth from a horse (at most once every 8 hours) +5
Receive water from your friends (at most 4 times a day) +4
Open Horns of Plenty +30

Solar Machine:

Prize for gathering necessary parts: the divine machine


Part 1: Feed a horse 5 to 6 pounds worth of fodder by putting it out to pasture (the horse must eat the whole amount in one go) (note: for some horses, depending on the EC they are boarded at, this may take up the whole day)

Part 2: Participate in 2 competitions requesting 12% of energy

Part 3: Buy a gestating mare (there is an option to search for mares in foal in the sales)

Part 4: Sell a horse to The Safe Haven

Part 5: Make a donation to Ow

Part 6: Purchase a made-to-measure saddle (tip: most likely this is out of stock; the store will add four or five saddles every hour on the hour – you’ll have to make sure at the store page at one second after the hour to get the saddle!)

Part 7: Give an apple to a divine or wild horse (Feel free to give an apple to one of my wilds, Sorraia!)

Part 8: During a competition, win an amount ending in 5 Equus (Enter competitions with a kitty lower than 100e; my horse placed second in a jumping competition with a kitty of 20e)

Part 9: Agree to an item exchange (you can accept an exchange or another player can accept your exchange)

Part 10: Participate in 20 competitions

Part 11: Find an aging point UFO (click on different pages, log in/log out a few times)

Part 12: Purchase a horse for a pass (buy a pass with your reserve or send a mortal horse to heaven over 30 years of age. Use this pass to purchase another pass horse (mortal horse over 30 years old). You will receive your pass back after sending this horse to heaven, which is the next part!

Part 13: Send a dead horse to heaven

Part 14: Resurrect a dead horse with Pandora’s Box (continue to age a horse without completing any actions with it. It’s health will drop and once it passes away, *do not* send it to heaven; click the button that says “resurrect the horse”)

Part 15: Donation to Ow

Part 16: Give an apple to a horse that is 50 years old (this horse is 50 years old)

Part 17: Reach 100 BLUP with a horse (if you have done this already, take care of the horse, enter it in a few competitions, and it should validate)

Part 18: Groom a horse with a Cherry Bay Overo coat (make sure you don’t have a horse with this coat already; purchase a horse in the sales, stroke it, and resell it to get your equus back)

Part 19: Raise a horse to the age of 40

Part 20: Give Croesus’ Fortune to a horse

Part 21: Make a horse immortal (Add a Philosopher’s Stone)

Part 22: Win 16 competitions

Part 23: Breed a unicorn in the right conditions

Part 24: Give birth to twins

Part 25: Give a donation to Ow


Prizes: (only one is awarded at a a time): Morpheus’ Arms, Privilege of the Sun (one Helios’ Ray per month), Titan’s Challenge (to be used within 30 days), Hestia’s Gift, Hermes’ Winged Staff (to be used within 30 days)

Use 1 aging point (at most once every 4 hours) +3
Ride with 2 horses on the beach (at most once every 6 hours) +3
Remove Helios’ Ray from a horse (at most once every 12 hours) +2
Receive solar power from your friends (at most 4 times a day) +1
Open Horns of Plenty +5


Divine Machine:

-There are no objectives for this machine


Prize: Iapyx, a new divine

Enter the Grand Prix (at most once every 12 hours) +1
Open Horns of Plenty +2

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30 Responses to “September Gift Machines!”

  1. Dawngirl9on 03 Oct 2013 at 1:15 am

    Wow; it seems that every promotion Howrse gives is designed so that only those who use Horn of Plenty or buy passes can get the divine. :( I did some calculations, and I figured that, if every day, 5 objectives (or ten if there’s a new machine available) were completed, then the divine machine would be available today. But then, since there’s only around twenty energy to get if Grand Prix was entered once every twelve hours for one energy each, we would still have to open about 40 horn of plenty for 2 energy each!

  2. Blueberrytickleon 03 Oct 2013 at 3:46 am

    Hi all,
    Just wondering if I could have some help with the objective Win 20 competitions. If anyone on the AU server has any horses I can borrow please message me. I am Blueberrytickle on the game.

  3. alcartzhorses34on 07 Oct 2013 at 11:25 pm

    in reply, Dawngirl, i agree. i have been on howrse for almost 2 years and i have NEVER gotten a divine, and im on every day when they have promos.

  4. 0oBekso0on 08 Oct 2013 at 5:19 am

    I’m on the Solar Machine, I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem, but I’m on Part 9. I set up three item exchanges, all of which were accepted, and it still hasn’t validated. So I’m guessing you must have to buy something, not sell something.

  5. Jessicaon 09 Oct 2013 at 4:31 pm

    @0oBekso0, APLHA: sorry guys! you’ll have to accept another exchange for it to validate.

  6. ALPHAon 08 Oct 2013 at 3:10 pm

    Another player cannot accept your exchange for this to work. :(

  7. Lynn693on 14 Oct 2013 at 11:13 am

    New promo on Howrse!
    This one has an Egyptian theme and is really different from all the previous promos.

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