Dec 09 2013

The Annual Magic Ride

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Howrse’s holiday promotion started today! Just as last year, it’s a virtual board game. The objective is to obtain the key for the next board. After completing the sixth board, you will receive a divine horse, Opal! While passing through the six boards, you can collect gifts that will be stored under your tree. Starting the 25th of December, you can open all your presents!

Hint: If you want to try to get Opal, I suggest getting the keys for the next boards as soon as possible. If you don’t think you’ll have the time or passes (can’t be used now, but will probably be incorporated soon!), take your time on each board and collect the gifts.


The first board!

There is a key for all the different items found on the board if you click the link “How to Play” on the contest page.

Note that not every present space is a gift for you – some are gifts to send to friends! There are also different sized gifts on the board: snowman (smallest), penguin (medium), and elven (biggest). Supposedly, elven will give the best gifts, such as high-pass-valued BM items and snowman will give small gifts like turnips and apples.

You will have until January 5th to get as far as you can on the boards. To start off, you may roll the dice once every 12 hours. There are some spots, Elven Packs, which all you two extra dice rolls as well as a gift for your tree!

Along the way you might encounter challenge spaces (a lightning bolt) which will provide you with an objective to progress farther!


1. Groom a horse
Reward: Roll the dice once every 8 hours

2. Make a donation to Ow
Reward: jump to highlighted space (should be a space with a snowman gift)

3. Give an apple to a 10 year old horse
Reward: extra dice roll

4. Participate in 40 competitions
Reward: roll the dice once every 6 hours

5. Use a Black Orchid on a horse
Reward: be able to move to a spot of your choice within a radius of four spaces

6. Find an Aging Point UFO
Reward: 2 bonus rolls


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  1. Applepie:)on 20 Dec 2013 at 3:21 am

    Objective 4: If you have a lot of horses, you have to participate in 40 competitions. So it depends.

  2. Liocornoon 20 Dec 2013 at 7:25 pm

    Does anyone know if you don’t complete a challenge objective, if move off the space and come to a different objective (ex: not complete 5, move on and come to another challenge spot) does it give you a new objective and different reward or does it give you a new objective?
    I’d love to know the challenge #7 objective & reward as well as additional ones if anyone has them complete?
    As a note I thought others might want to know that I know challenges are not specific to where they are located. If you skip a challenge spot you won’t miss a objective, it will give you them in order. I have been helping a friend and she skipped one, it wouldn’t be that important, but the objective #5 would land you on penguin gift when completed if you do them in the order (front to back) of location. Since she skipped she just got a snowman one.

  3. Misstee_girlon 25 Dec 2013 at 3:04 am

    Has anyone made it past board #2? I collected all my keys and gifts, but I’ve been stuck on it for a few days just trying to get the right number of rolls for the Magic door to open… lol

    Just wondered what the next few boards looked like. :)

  4. Jer.29.13on 25 Dec 2013 at 9:52 pm

    Challenge 7: Raise a horse to the age of 35.
    Reward: Be able to teleport to the highlighted space.

    Challenge 8: Remove the wings from a Pegasus or Winged Unicorn.
    Reward: Be able to throw the die every 4 hours.

    Challenge 9: Win a certain amount of competitions.
    Reward: Move to any space within a radius of give from the spot you are on.

    Challenge 10: Make a Donation to Ow.
    Reward: 1 Elven Pack.

    Challenge 11: Reach 100% Blup with a horse.
    Reward: Be able to teleport to the highlighted space.

    Challenge 12: Open a Hop.
    Reward: Move to a space in a radius of 6 spaces.

    Challenge 13: Make a horse immortal.
    Reward: 2 bonus throws.

    Challenge 14:Give birth to twins.
    Reward: Be able to roll 2 times each 4 hours.

    Credit to DCS. :)

  5. Misstee_girlon 04 Jan 2014 at 11:17 pm

    Did anyone win an Opal? I tried finding one on the directory, but I couldn’t find any (other than Ow’s). Does that mean nobody won any? :(

    I only made it through board 3. Collected all the keys, but couldn’t make it through the door. lol

  6. Jessicaon 05 Jan 2014 at 4:21 pm

    @Misstee_girl: Yes someone has an Opal! I found one belonging to almere. I put the link to that Opal on the Divine and Special Directory instead of Ow’s

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