Jan 09 2014

The Giant Plants Promotion!

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Get out your green thumbs! Howrse is rolling in the next promotion to win a gemstone divine horse, Agate, along with other prizes.

How to progress in the promotion:

  • Plant your seed, water it, and finally harvest it. Note that each plant requires a different amount of water and time to grow
  • You must follow the tutorial when you first long on. Plant the Divinitis seed first!
  • Receive water donations from friends (6 gallons for 400e)
  • Complete daily objectives

    Grow your own prizes!

    Grow your own prizes!

Unlike other promotions, this runs on your own time. You start off with the ability to water plants every 12 hours. Even though the promotion started earlier in the morning, the countdown to the next watering starts the second after the plant is watered. This also means you don’t want to wait too long between waterings! If you water all the plants at once, you can check back in 12 hours and be done with it.

To view the prizes earned from each seed as well as the growth time and watering amount, hover your mouse over the seeds toward the bottom of the page. I provided the links to each seed below as well:

  1. Helixius
  2. Altissima
  3. Gigantica
  4. Titania
  5. Divinitis

Divinitis seeds cannot be watered; they solely depend on the harvesting on other crops (1%) and fertilizers (1%). If you want to get Agate, you will need fertilizer. Keep in mind it would be best to cultivate Helixius as they grow the fastest.

Daily Objectives:
These can be found under your garden. I will post tips for the harder objectives.

January 25:

1. Reach a breeder’s reserve ending in _______Tip: sell back/buy major items from the store like made to measure saddles/bridles to get a big amount of equus. Then sell/buy smaller items. To get the last small amount, go a little over if you have to and feed your horse the exact amount left to reach your goal.

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