Apr 29 2014

New Changes along with The Great Challenge

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Howrse is adding a new promotion into its circulation!

Players welcome the new layout and background on Howrse while advancing in the newest promotion. Changes to Howrse include new graphics, listing the current promotion directly on the home page, horses now blend in with the game background, and a change in saddlery. Although the changes are mainly cosmetic, they do help improve game play.

The newest promotion, The Great Challenge, is much more involved than previous promotions. Instead of completing challenges assigned by Howrse, horseshoes, the necessary object, can also be earned from participating in competitions, the Grand Prix, and finding UFOs. So far, it seems that the grand prize of the newest divine is attainable without passes – but not without lots of time put into game play.

The prizes for this promo are set up differently as well. The goal is to earn as many horseshoes as you can. Collectively, all of the horseshoes earned by the players add up to trigger the next event of the lottery. Every thirty horseshoes earned individually by each player will earn a lottery ticket. Another prize includes getting an additional HOP (note that you must purchase at least two HOP first). And finally, a divine is attainable for any player. The player who earns the 3450000th  collective horseshoe will win Spring, the newest divine. This divine will also be awarded to the player with the most horseshoes.

Key: (x) marks the number of horseshoes earned for that action

Everyday Tasks:

  1. Enter competitions that earn horseshoes (10 comps max)
    1. The more energy used, the better chance of winning. Divine competitions offer as much as 7 horseshoes. Others vary around 1 – 3
  2. Register a horse for Grand Prix (1 each) or place in the top 100 (2)
    1. You can enter two horses for Classic and two horses for Western!
  3. Catch UFOs

**Note: tasks can be done in any order! I’ve discovered from the Game Play forum that different tasks may appear for each player

Some tasks can be bypasses by watching an advertisement or paying with equus (as high as 10,000e)

Day 1 Tasks: (4/29)

  1. Be congratulated two times (1)
  2. Congratulate six players (1)
  3. Finish last in three competitions (1)
  4. Wake 20 horses (so carry out at least one action with 20 horses) (2)
  5.  Donate 2,500e to Ow (2)
  6.  Give birth to twins (2)

Day 2 Tasks: (4/30)

  1. Stroke a horse in Safe Haven (1)
  2. Donate 1* Classical Saddle Cloth, 51 apples, and 400e to a new player (1)
  3. Win at least 60e by entering a competition (Dressage gives a good amount of equus) (1)
  4. Name a horse Tip (Click the + button by the horse’s name on its page > edit profile) (2)
  5. Give a lunge to a horse (bonus item, not a BM item) (2)
  6. Remove a unicorn’s horn (2)

Day 3 Tasks: (5/1)

  1. Catch a equus UFO (1)
  2. Enter a competition requiring between 15% – 16% of energy (1)
  3. Win three competitions (1)
  4. Sell one horse for more than 10,000e (2)
  5. Purchase a Purebred Spanish Horse in the sales (2)
  6. Stroke 60 horses (2)

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  1. Rebeccaon 14 Feb 2016 at 1:30 pm

    Under my promotional offers for the Great Challenge, I have this thing that says “5 *insert ancient mask looking face thing* = 6”.
    When I put my mouse over it, it says “During the festivities, 1 x *insert ancient mask looking face thing* offered for each 5 opened using your horseshoes. You can win aquarius. Find at least 80 horseshoes to unlock an even more exciting offer”

    Does anyone understand what the mask thing is? And what they do for you?

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