Jul 02 2014

Quick Update

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I have taken quite some time off from Howrse, but I try to stay on top of Howrse’s changes as much as possible.

I have been alerted by several players that the Objectives have disappeared. This is true; the Great Challenge has replaced them. Because of this, the post describing the Great Challenge will now be moved to a page under the drop-down menu titled “Great Challenge”. The trophy page will be listed here as well. For those curious to see how Howrse changed over the years, I will leave the main Objective page listed, which will give players access to the complete list.


As for HowrseHelper, I have made subtle changes. I decreased the size of the background image of HH, which should improve the load time of the site. The navigation menu is changing: the forum was removed and the “Great Challenge” button replaced it. The Contact page is now directly on the About page, instead of being a sub-page.

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2 Responses to “Quick Update”

  1. яєνσlυтισηon 04 Aug 2014 at 6:17 pm

    Hello. I love HH, and my favorite part of it by far is the excellent advice you guys give to help me with the game. My username is яєνσlυтιση. I think HH is perfect just the way it is. It does everything it can to help me with my game on Howrse. Thanks, guys, and happy 5th anniversary!

  2. Morganon 16 Aug 2014 at 12:28 pm

    Hi! My favorite part of HH has to be the help part. whenever I have a question about howrse, you always have it answered. And I love the Archimedes question answers for when I’m really stumped and need an aging point. I don’t think your website needs any changing- the layout is perfect and things are always easy to find, and also your advice is VERY helpful :) . It would be awesome, however, if you had a challenge or raffle like this once a month. I’m sure you’d have a ton more veiwers than too, but a raffle as cool as this might be hard to do again ;) . My username is MorganMorgan and my 6 year old cousin just made an account recently. It is Crazy4Howrse, and of course I usually end up helping her, but when I am not there to answer her questions I just tell her to use this website. She’s real excited about the raffle! Happy 5th!

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