Aug 21 2014

The Equestrian Cards!

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Players have until September 4th to collect their cards!

There are two subcategories: collection and puzzles. The collection cards consist of Black Market items; the puzzle cards include random graphics. Once every card is found for a specific puzzle, the player will win the listed BM item.

If every card for every puzzle is collected, the player will win the newest divine, Hrimfaxi!

Cards can be earned by:

  • logging in each day
  • wining a competition (2 per day)
  • purchasing cards in the flash sales (must wait two days after every purchase)

I’ll start a list of the possible BM items to win:

Diamond Card:

Gold Cards:

Silver Cards: 2** Classical Saddle Cloth

Bronze Cards: Apollo’s Lyre


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4 Responses to “The Equestrian Cards!”

  1. Rattuson 27 Aug 2014 at 5:03 am

    Gold: horn of plenty, Harmony pack, High kingdom’s splint boot
    Silver: 5000 equus, 2** polo wraps, 2** classical saddle cloth, lunge
    Bronze: Croesus fortune, 3*** western saddle, 1* ear bonnet, 1* polo wraps, 1000 equus, bell boots, 50x turnip

    That’s what I have found so far.

  2. vickynesszon 27 Aug 2014 at 11:15 pm

    For me I got
    Silver: Zeus’ Lightning Bolt, Stroke, 2** Saddle cloth, 2** polo wraps, 10x aging points, lunge, 5000 equus
    Bronze: Apollo’s Lyre
    Croesus’ Fortune
    Artemis’ Arrow
    5 x Aging point
    Bell boots
    1* Ear Bonnet
    1* Polo Wraps
    2 000 Equus
    Unfortunately no gold or diamond ones yet :P

  3. HowrseGirlon 28 Aug 2014 at 2:49 pm

    For me so far I have gotten:
    Gold- Poseidon’s Pack, HOP
    Silver- Philotes’ Stroke, 2* Ear Bonnet, 2* Polo Wraps, Lunge, 5,000e
    Bronze- Apollo’s Lyre, Croesus’ Fortune, 1* Polo Wraps, 2000e, 1000e

    SPOILER: I saw online that the diamond card is Skínfaxi!

  4. Bluebell Stables224on 31 Aug 2014 at 4:27 am

    So far, I have:

    Bronze –

    2, A.Lyres
    1, A.Arrow
    2, Pack of 5 APs
    1, Whip
    1, 3*** Western Bridle
    1, 1* Western Saddle Cloth
    1, 1* Ear Bonnet
    2, 1* Polo Wraps
    1, Pack of 50 Turnips
    1, Bag of 2000e
    1, Bag of 1000e

    Silver –

    2, Z.Bolts
    1, P.Stroke
    1, 2** Ear Bonnet
    1, 2** Polo Wraps
    1, Pack of 10 APs
    1, Lunge

    Gold –

    2 HOPs

    Diamond –


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