Dec 10 2014

Newest Updates to HowrseHelper

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Each day, I’m improving HH to match the changes with Howrse. The updates will be posted below:

Friday December 19:

  • Lavender layout has been updated! With a previous Howrse update, many layouts became incompatible.

Friday December 12:

  • Divine links are up to date! The Prehistoric, Chinese divines, Water divines, uncategorized, and wild horses have been updated!

Thursday, December 11:

  • Information about Howrse’s current promotion, The Magic Ride, was updated and can be viewed on the homepage under this post. Feel free to post there about your progress!

Wednesday, December 10:

  • All of the Xanthos links were updated. They are no longer instant stroke, but each link should work. I renumbered them, removing most of the broken links. Please let me know if there are any others that lead to the home page. I found about 20 new Xanthos to add to the list, but there was a loss of about 30-40 Xanthos.

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