Jan 18 2015

My high skilled horses will enter YOUR competitions!

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Good evening everyone!

As I continue to update the EC tips (newest page: Adding Large Boxes and Running Competitions), I’d like to offer more than just tips: I’ve decided to enter my high skilled horses (4,000-5,000 skills) in your competition! All details are listed on the Running Competitions page, or down below…


I’ll enter my skilled horses in your race! (Classical riding only!) Send me a message on Howrse titled “EC Competitions” and include the following: **Your race must be open when you message me!

EC Name:

Competition(s): gallop, trot…etc

Which horse you’d like me to enter(listed below)*:

*If you do not list a horse from the below options, I’ll be unable to enter your competition. Keep in mind if there is a breed restriction or too high of a skill requirement for your competition. I’m providing this list so you can check that a horse is compatible with your race.

Here are the horses I can enter:

This is a complimentary service; I ask for you to spread word of HH in return! I will check these messages once a night so I can enter all competitions at once.

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  1. Jer Boiiion 19 Jan 2015 at 9:36 pm

    Hey baby :) Love ya

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