Feb 17 2015

Preparing for EC Changes!

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***Some spoilers are throughout the post!**

Posted below is an overview of the upcoming EC changes, due for the end of February. To help welcome the changes, there are a few things you should do before 10 days pass and March is here!

1. Repair your boxes

Currently, box repairs cost 200e per box. However with the addition of workshops and raw supplies, repairs will soon cost 930e per box. To save equus, repair all boxes to 0%.

2. Clear your meadows

As it is Spring, most of you are probably growing crops. Luckily the season will turn soon. Try to save some meadows for the upcoming additions of housing cows. Cows will be “planted” and take 30 real days for a harvest of leather. Unlike apples, you’ll have to continuously replant them.


There are several small additions coming, like scarecrows becoming tractors. It seems it is best to wait to purchase any more boxes/scarecrows for the time being. Currently the price of scarecrows is higher than the price of tractors, but that may change in the update.

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  1. eon 18 Feb 2015 at 4:15 pm

    I notice you don’t have any info on the GP formula and how BLUP affects GP

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