Mar 30 2015

Spring Rainbow Cards

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Cool Carrot, part of the new divine series Horses of the Rainbow

Howrse brings back the card promotion to celebrate spring! Surprisingly, the grand prize isn’t the season divine, Spring, but rather a new collection of divines called Horses of the Rainbow. The first released divine is Cool Carrot.

To win this divine, you must collect every card in all seven puzzles. The prize for each individual puzzle is listed towards the right. The very last puzzle releases the next Horse of the Rainbow: Charming Red Besides the puzzles, there are random cards that give you BM items or EC supplies.

Read about the new divines here! 



How to obtain cards:

  • two with every log-in
  • winning first place in a competition (limit of 2 per day)
  • purchasing cards in the flash sales/auctions**
  • trading a card you already have for a new card using equus
Left to right: Flash Sales, Help, Card history

Left to right: Flash Sales, Help, Card history






Flash Sales:

To access flash sales, click the lightning bolt on the menu at the top right of the page. This is always very competitive and expensive. It’s cheaper to purchase cards from the direct sales rather than the auction at this time. However as the game carries on, it may be cheaper in auction. Current prices:

  • Bronze: ~60,000e auction; 27,000e direct
  • Silver: ~88,000e to 230,000e action; 81,000e direct
  • Gold: ~640,000e auction; 162,000e direct
  • Diamond: unknown

**You can only win one prize per sale every two days.

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