Apr 23 2015

Spring Pinatas!

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The grand prize for this promotion is Shiny Yellow, part of the new Rainbow Divines. A greyfell can also be won along the way!

To open your pinata, you may click on it once per day (this will change as you open more), ask for help from friends (costs 300 equus), or complete objectives. *Always look at objectives before clicking the pinata or asking for help from friends as that could be an objective!*

Below you will find the full list of pinatas as well as their objectives and rewards. I suggest reading over this to see what you need for the next pinata and prepare for it. (Images may not be exact, but names are accurate)



1. Snailcup (3 points)

Reward: 3 aging points, Pandora’s Box

Ob. 1: Click on pinata; Reward: 1 point

Ob. 2: Groom a horse; Reward: 1 bonus click

2. Heliflore (6 points)

Reward: 10% energy for your horses, Western 2* Blanket

Ob. 1: Stroke a horse; Reward: four friend clicks per day

Ob.2: Put a pony to bed; Reward: bonus click

3. Fishflower (10 points)

Reward: 2* ear bonnet, whip

**DO objectives before clicking!** The first reward of five points total’s the pinata’s points to five, instead of adding an additional five to the first click.

Ob. 1: Congratulate a player; Reward: five points for the pinata

Ob. 2: Visit Ow’s page; Reward: click the pinata once every twelve hours

4. Babycrispa (15 points)

Reward: 10 mash, Water of Youth

Ob. 1: Sell _____; Reward: Next five friend clicks earn two points each

Ob. 2: Make a donation to Ow; Reward: five bonus clicks

5. Shadower (20 points)

Reward: 50 apples, Philotes’ Stroke

Ob. 1: Participate in any competition; Reward: next five clicks earn 2 points each

Ob. 2: Click on a friend’s pinata; Reward: receive help from six friends

6. Woofer (25 points)

Reward: 100 wood, 100 iron, 100 sand

Ob. 1: Specialize a horse (pick western or classical riding for a younger horse); Reward: number of points needed divided by two (pinata will now be 13 points instead of 25)

Ob. 2: Earn 120 Equus with a horse with a Ploutos’ Parchment; Reward: click the pinata once every six hours

7. Brokenleaf (30 points)

Reward: 1* classical bridle, 20 leather, Helios Ray

Ob. 1: Find a treat by putting a horse out to pasture (tip: try short intervals and use a horse with Croesus’ Fortune); Reward: clicks earn two points each (except clicks from friends)

Ob. 2: Train a horse for at least three consecutive hours; Reward: 10 points

8. Buddy(40 points)

Reward: 1* classical saddle, 10 aging points, water trough

Ob. 1: Make a donation to Ow; Reward: next four clicks earn 3 points (except friend clicks)

Ob. 2: Make the last click on a friend’s pinata; Reward: Click the pinata twice every six hours

9. Tentaflow (50 points)

Reward: 2* polo wraps, bell boots, ploutos’ parchment

Ob. 1: Finish last in a competition; Reward: eight clicks

Ob. 2: Give a divine or wild horse an apple; Reward: be helped by eight friends per day

10. Tricob (60 points)

Reward: 300 fodder, 500 points general ranking, Hypnos’ Blanket

Ob. 1: Earn 1 equus in competition (Tip: enter jumping competitions with a kitty of 12e or under); Reward: 15 points

Ob. 2: Age a 15 year old horse (15 years 0 months); Reward: five clicks (note – can’t be a horse with MA!)


11. Fanseed (80 points)

Reward: 2* polo wraps, 2* ear bonnet, 2* western saddle cloth

**Do not use friend clicks or click on this pinata. You can complete the pinata by completing the second objective. Save friend clicks for the next pinata.

Ob. 1: Finish 3rd in three competitions; Reward: Friend clicks earn two points each

Ob. 2: Participate in a 46e lesson; Reward: Open pinata directly on next click

12. Floover (100 points)

Reward: 4,000 equus, Medusa’s Blood, and Achilles Heel

Ob. 1: Participate in a competition requiring 12% energy (usually cross country or jumping); Reward: next click earns 20 points

Ob. 2: Make a donation to Ow; Reward: click twice every three hours

13. Auratus (150 points)

Reward: 20 Carrots, Piece of Cloud, Zeus Lightning Bolt

Ob. 1: Stroke a horse with a Flaxen Liver Chestnut Coat; Reward: Be helped by ten friends per day

Ob. 2: Open a Horn of Plenty; Reward: number of points earned doubles **Wait to validate this objective until you have 75 or more points!! Also, try to use a horn of plenty when it will reward you points; another opportunity is coming soon before the end.

14. Cobby (200 points)

Reward: 100% morale for your horse, Croesus’ Fortune, Golden Apple

Ob. 1: Earn at least 1000 equus in competitions with one horse (tip: if you have done this with a horse, complete one more competition with that horse and it should validate if it doesn’t automatically); Reward: clicks earn three points (except clicks from friends)

Ob. 2: Participate in 60 competitions requiring 20% energy; Reward: number of points needed is divided by two

15. Kiteblossom (250 points)

Reward: 10 aging points, Tractor, Chronos’ Timer

Ob. 1: Congratulate a player on their birthday (Community >  Directories > See today’s birthdays); Reward: next 10 clicks earn 5 points each (except friend clicks)

Ob. 2: Full equip a horse that wasn’t already equipped; Reward: friend clicks earn 4 points each

Ob. 3: Fully train one skill; Reward: 100 points for the pinata

16. Slugeyed (300 points)

Reward:100 droppings, Poseidon Pack, Shower

Ob. 1: Buy a horse for 5000 equus; Reward: 120 points

Ob. 2: Make a donation to Ow; Reward: Next 10 friend clicks earn five points each

Ob. 3: Accept an exchange; Reward: click on the pinata three times every three hours

17. Paraflora (400 points)

Reward: 6,000e, lunge, Fifth Element

Ob. 1: Give a carrot to a horse whose parents are Ouranos and Gaia; Reward: 10 additional clicks

Ob. 2: Give a turnip to a horse over 40 years old; Reward: clicks earn 5 points each

Ob. 3: Achieve 100 BLUP on a horse; Reward: 120 points

18. Floctopus (500 points)

Reward: 20 mashes, 1000 points in general ranking, Nyx Pack

**Only earn 250 points on this piñata!! (Obj. 3)

Ob. 1: Give mash to horse with 242-339 skill points in dressage; Reward: 10 clicks

Ob. 2: Find a horse pick by completing a mission with a horse between ages 7-8 years; Reward: To be helped by 12 friends per day

Ob. 3: Groom a donkey; Reward: number of points received multiplied by 2!

19. Bulbion (1,000 points)

Reward: 15 aging points, Hera Pack, Greyfell

Ob. 1: Win 19 competitions; Reward: Click three times every two hours

Ob. 2: Make a donation to Ow; Reward: Next 10 clicks earn 10 points each (except friend clicks)

Ob. 3: Buy a horse for at least one pass; Reward: open piñata on next click!!

20. Fringedcone (1,500 points)

Reward: 10,000e, Philosopher’s Stone, Themis’ Scale

Ob. 1: Win 2 competitions with a horse born form Ouranos and Gaia; Reward: 10 bonus clicks

Ob. 2: Use a Helios Ray landscape with _____ color; Reward: Friend clicks earn 10 points each

Ob. 3: Have a breeder’s reserve ending with 11,1111; Reward: 1000 points for the pinata

21. Helianthus Rex (2,000 points)

Reward: Shiny Yellow

Ob. 1: Remove a unicorn horn; Reward: clicks earn 10 points each (except friend click)

Ob. 2: Give birth to twins; Reward: 15 additional clicks

Ob. 3: Win 1 rosette; Reward: number of points needed divides by two (1,000 needed)

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