Oct 03 2015

October Pinatas!

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Welcome back the Piñata Promotion! Howrse has increased the number of clicks required for each piñata, but they have also increased the amount of clicks per day – 15 points! Sorry guys, I am a day behind. If you’d like to post information feel free to put it in the comments! All information regarding the pinatas is included below:


How to earn clicks:

  1. Click 15 times a day (can change with objectives)
  2. Ask friends to click for 300e


Pinatas and Objectives:

Piñata 1: Camel (20 points) Reward: 3 aging points, 1 Pandora’s Box

Objectives: 1. Click Piñata; 4 points

  2. Groom a horse; friend clicks earn 2 points each

Tip: Click on the piñata only 14 times (not all 15). Then complete Objective 1 and Objective 2. Get a friend to finish the piñata once Obj. 2 is activated. Now you have an extra click for piñata 2.


Piñata 2: Elephant (30 points) Reward: 10% energy for horses, 2* Classical Saddle Cloth

Objective 1. Stroke a horse; Be helped by 2 friends a day

2. Put a pony to bed; 10 mace blows


Piñata 3: Giraffe (50 points) Reward: Whip, 2* Western Saddle Cloth

Objective 1. Congratulate a player; next three clicks earn 2 points

2. Visit Ow’s page; Click 15 times every 12 hours


Piñata 4: Hippo (75 points) Reward: 10 mash, Water of Youth

Objective 1. Sell exactly 3 mashes to the store; 20 points for your pinata

2. Donate x equus to Ow; friend clicks earn 3 points


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  1. Veta Don 07 Oct 2015 at 11:21 pm

    I have made such a schedule of daily steps of this promotion, but I still am not sure is it correct. E.g., number 6 Sea Lion costs 125 points, and I do not know what would be better, use friend clicks or normal ones to complete it.
    Would you mind if I send my calculation to you, via email may be, to discuss?

  2. Almaon 10 Oct 2015 at 1:50 am

    Piñata 6: Sea lion (125 points) Reward: 1* Classical Bridle, Helios’ Ray
    Objective 1. Choose a horse’s specialty (Reward = 7 Mace Blows)
    Objective 2. Give an apple to a divine or wild horse (Reward = Friend clicks earn 4 points each)

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