May 27 2016

Summer Pinatas!

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Hey all! The pinatas have returned with the start of summer. Remember to always check objectives before clicking on your piñata in order to receive the most benefits. In addition, don’t forget to finish all objectives before moving on!

The biggest prize of this promo are two new Zodiac divines: the first and second Gemini horses.

**Do not open Horn of Plenties for points until you’re towards the end of the event; as the amount of points required for each piñata increases, so does the amount of points you’ll receive (passes will have a higher worth)

Looking ahead: you will need to stroke horse with a flaxen liver chestnut coat for piñata 13 so it may be best to purchase one before the prices rise.

1.Maracas: 3 aging points, Pandora’s Box (10 points)

1. Click on the piñata (reward: 5 points for your piñata)
2. Groom a horse (reward: friend clicks are worth 2 points each)

2. Saxophone: :10% energy for horses, 3 star classical bridle (20 points)

1. Stroke a horse: species can be pony or horse – just confirm this objective before putting it to bed so you can complete both at once! (reward: helped by 2 friends per day)
2. Put a pony to bed – species must be a pony (reward: 15 points for your piñata)

3. Trumpet: Whip, 3 star classical saddle (30 points)

1. Congratulate a player (reward: points required drops in half)
2. Visit Ow’s page (reward: click on the piñata 5 times every 12 hours)

4. Bongos: Water of Youth, 10 Mash (50 points)

1. Sell 3 mashes at the store (reward: the next 5 clicks give 6 points (except friend clicks))
2. Donate equus to Ow (reward: able to be helped by 4 friends per day)

Tip: friend clicks increase in points with the next piñata; as you near the end, try to use your own clicks and save some friend clicks for the next piñata as it will help your progress farther.

5. Guitar: 50 apples, Philotes’ Stroke (75 points)

1. Participate in a competition (reward: 45 points for your pinata)
2. Click on a friend’s piñata (reward: friend clicks are worth 3 points each)

6. Accordion : Classic Bridle, Helio’s Ray (75 points)

**Complete objectives before clicking on the piñata! The second objective reward increases the worth of points

1. Choose a specialization for a horse (classical vs western) (reward: 12 extra clicks)
2. Give a divine horse an apple (reward: Clicks are worth 3 points each (except friend clicks))

7. Harp: 100 Wood, 100 Iron, 100 Sand (150 points)

1. Train a horse for 3 consecutive hours (reward: 65 points for your piñata)
2. Participate in a competition requiring 12% energy (reward: able to click the Pinata 5 times every 8 hours)

8. Gourd: fertility wand, 10x aging points, artemis’ arrow (200 points)

1. Something involving Ow (reward: next 4 friend clicks are worth 7 points)
2. Finish 3rd in 3 competitions (reward: Number of points needed divided by x)

9. Djambe: 20x Leather, Water Trough, Apollo’s Lyre (250 points)

***Complete all objectives before clicking!!!

1. Finish last in a competition (Reward: 12 additional clicks – wait until you complete the second objective!!)
2. Earn win 120 Equus from a horse with Ploutos parchment (Reward: clicks are worth 7 points each (excluding clicks from friends))

10. Tambourine: 2* Purple polo wraps, 2* Purple ear bonnet,  2* Purple and White western saddle cloth (300points)

1. Congratulate a player on their birthday – there is a list in the directories; click “Today’s birthdays” under the player search (Reward: The next 5 clicks are worth 30 points (except clicks friends))
2. Use an aging point on a horse that’s exactly 15 years old (reward: friend clicks are worth 5 points each)

11. Maracas: 300x Fodder, Horseshoes Studs, Medusa’s Blood (400 points)

—-Complete the objectives BEFORE clicking!!!! 

1. Earn at least 1000 Equus competitions with a horse – enter this horse in another competition to complete the objective (Reward: Able to click on the Pinata 5 times every 6 hours)
2. Be congratulated 10 times – congratulate a lot of players in hopes they will return the favor (Reward: Open the piñata directly to the next click)

12. Saxophone: 4000e, 500x Points for the General ranking, Zues’ Lightning bolt (500points)

COMPLETE ALL OBJECTIVES BEFORE CLICKING! last reward increases amount of points per click

1. Win 1 Equus in a competition – use a horse with low skills in jumping and enter a jumping (or possibly cross country competition; western competitions could work too) as long as the kitty is less than 10e. The reason a jumping competition is used because these competitions have the lowest kitty (Reward: 8 additional clicks)
2. Donate something to another player (Reward: clicks are worth 13 points each (except friend clicks))

13. ??????: 20x carrot,  Shower, Poseidon Pack (750points)

1. Stroke a horse with a Flaxen Liver Chestnut coat; (reward: 300 points for your piñata)
2. Donate a horse to Ow (reward: able to be helped by 6 friends per day)

14. Bongos: Prize: 250x 2* Fertilizer, 1x Piece of cloud, 1x Achilles’ heel (1000 points)

–wait to click until completely objectives

1. Fully equip a horse who has never been equipped before  – including wraps and bonnet (Reward: The next click brings 100 points ( except friends click ))
2. Participate in X amount of competitions requiring more than 20 % energy (Reward: 15 clicks)
3. Remove wings from Pegasus – there will be a button on a horse’s page if they had Medusa’s Blood (reward: clicks earn 20 points)

15. ??????: Prize: 10x aging pints, tractor, Horn of Plenty *to be used within 90 days* (1250 points)

1. Finish training any skill on a horse (Reward: Number of points received is now 350)
2. Agree to an item exchange (Reward: Friend clicks worth 7 points each)
3. Get 100 BLUP with a horse  (Reward: Able to click the Pinata 5 times every 4 hours)

16. ??????: Prize: 100x droppings, 1x Hypnos’ Blanket, 1x Harmony Pack *to be used within 90 days* (1500 points)

1. Buy a horse for X amount of equus (Reward: Next 6 friend clicks worth 15 points each)
2. Donate X amount of Equus to Ow (Reward: 170 points for your piñata)
3. Open a horn of plenty (Reward: clciks are worth 28 points each (excluding friend clicks))

17. ??????: Prize: 50,000e, 300x Flax seeds, 1x Hermes Winged Staff *to be used within 90 days* (2000 points)

1. Give a carrot to a horse born of Gaia and Ouranos (Reward: The next click is worth 280 points (except friends click ))
2. Win X amount of competitions (Reward: able to be helped by 8 friends per day)
3. Stroke a horse over 40 years (not divine , wild or legendary ) (Reward: 15 extra clicks)

18. ??????: Prize: 20x Mash, 1x Nyx Pack *to be used within 90 days*, 1000 points for the General Ranking (2500 points)

1. Give a mash to a horse having between X and Y points in dressage (Reward: 400 points for your piñata)
2. Achieve an equus reserve ending in X – sell/buy various items in the store (Reward: All clicks bring 38 points each (excluding friend clicks))
3. Give a horse a *color* Golden apple coat (Reward: able to click on the pinata 5 times every 3 hours)

19. ??????: Prize: Dark Gemini (3000 points)

1. Win 2 competitions with a horse born of Ouranos and Gaia (Reward: 7 extra clicks)
2. Donate X amount of Equus to Ow (Reward: Friend clicks worth 10 points)
3. Buy a horse at least 1 pass (Reward: 400 points for your piñata)

20. ??????: Prize: Light Gemini (4000 points)

1. Remove the horn of a unicorn (Reward: Ability to be helped by 10 friends per day))
2. Give birth to twins (Reward: All clicks bring 60 points each (excluding friend clicks))
3. Win 1 Rosette – WAIT to validate until 2000 points are earned (Reward: Number of points already received for the piñata multiplied by 2)

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  1. awakeningthefates1on 28 May 2016 at 3:06 pm

    Thanks for the info!

  2. DemonWolfon 05 Jun 2016 at 9:36 pm

    What do I do if one of the objectives (the harp, “Take part in a competition requiring 12% of energy.”) won’t clear? I’ve entered several competitions that require exactly 12 energy and several that require almost 12 energy. I’ve already completed and validated the previous challenge, so why isn’t it working?

  3. DemonWolfon 05 Jun 2016 at 9:39 pm

    Ah, I believe the competition has to finish for it to take effect. Either that or it took a really long time validating it.

  4. CCSporthorseson 13 Jun 2016 at 8:48 pm

    What promo comes after the pinatas usually? I hadn’t played in a long time and logged on just in time to enjoy this one. I still have passes left over, so want to plan ahead a little. :-)


    Great site BTW!

  5. Jessicaon 15 Jun 2016 at 8:31 pm

    @CCSporthorses: the plant promo will be next! this is based more on strategy I believe so it will be more worthwhile to use passes.

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