Jul 31 2016

Summer 2016 Maze Maps

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*Prize locations have been added* Click “continue reading”

Here’s all the information for the Maze Map promo which ends August 16.

There are four mazes, each with a golden horseshoe and different grand prize:

  • Maze 1: new horse breed – Drum Horse
  • Maze 2: Ow’s Helios Ray
  • Maze 3: Titan’s Challenge
  • Maze 4: Sekhmet, a new Egyptian Divine (View the divine directory here)


You must go in order of the mazes. How you progress through the maze depends on the horse you select and its skill level. 10 paces are equivalent to one move. A horse with 0 – 1485 skills earns+3 per hour, 1554 – 4632 skills earns +4 per hour, and 4688+ skills = +5 per hour. Note that you cannot take care of the horse while it’s in the maze, but you can switch horses once you put it in the maze.



Sekhmet – the new divine

After your  horse earns 100 paces, you must use them in order to generate new paces. Aside from waiting to earn paces, you can progress faster by using treats. Each treat icon on the map represents 3 treats.

Below are the maps for each maze! Please zoom in if they are too small.

If you have a horse that can generate 5 paces an hour, your horse will earn 120 paces a day, as long as you have room to regenerate more. When you begin a new maze, you horse will automatically start with 100 paces.



Overall it takes around 27 and half days to complete all mazes. The promo itself lasts for about 21 days. In order to finish on time, around 260 additional treats will be needed (just under 100 passes). Treats are awarded with Titan’s Challenge (around 3 each level) and can be won even if the player does not win the TC round.


*Click to enlarge the images*

Maze 1: 79 moves (790 paces) total; beginning gifts (-100 paces and 3 treats (30 paces)), 15 treats (-450 paces) and  210 normal paces = 1.75 days to complete













Maze 2: 146 moves (1460 paces) total; 100 paces to start, 26 treats (-780 paces) and 580 normal paces = 4.83 days to complete












Maze 3: 217 moves (2170 paces) total; 100 paces to start, 33 treats (-990 paces) and 1080 normal paces = 9 days to complete












Maze 4: 280 moves (2800 paces) total; 100 paces to start, 43 treats (1290 paces) and 1410 normal paces = 11.75 days to complete

maze 4











Possible prizes: (enlarge to view)

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 5.21.38 PM











Prize locations: Keep in mind some smaller prizes aren’t always in the same location as those listed here. However BM items don’t seem to differ between different players. With that said, these are player-confirmed and may not be the same for all.

Map 2:

Hestia’s gift: supposedly A1
Zeus Lightning Bolt: N11

A2—1000 Equus
A14—Philotes Stroke
C10—Philotes Stroke
C12—500 wheat bran
E1—2** Classical Bridle
E8—20 leather
F11—Horseshoe studs
G3—Water trough
G6—Black orchid
G13—20 x leather
G14—500 oats
H10—500 oats
I7—Bell boots
I14—Apollo’s lyre
J5—Helios Ray
J9—10,000 equus
K8—Bell boots
M1—5 aging points
M5—10,000 Equus
M11—1* Classical saddle cloth
N6—5 aging points
N10—Apollo’s lyre


Map 3: (thanks to Howrse user ♥Amory Faye♥)

P9 — 20x Flax (also found at A1…)
R1 — Poseidon’s Pack
P5 — 5,000e (also at P14)
O6 — Seal of Apocalypse
O11 — Apollo’s Lyre
N11 — Whip
M13 — Shower
Q13 — Black Orchid
L17 — 1,000e
I18 — (Timed) Aphrodite’s Tears
J12 — Horseshoe Studs
I14 — 2** Classical Bridal
J10 — 2** Classical Saddle
J7 — Medusas Blood
L9 — Lunge (also found at N1)
L6 — 1,000e
L3 — 500x Wheat Bran
N1 — Lunge
G1 — 5x Aging Point
I3 —- Helios Ray
G3 — (Timed) Morpheus Arms
I18— A. Tears
I3—H. Ray
G3—M.Arms – timed
B4—P. Stone
D9—Horseshoe studs


Map 4: (thanks to Howrse user barb0604)

T11—Hera Pack (timed)
T15—Water Trough
R13—5x Aging Point
R16—Golden Apple (Timed)
S22—5,000 Equus
N22—5x Aging Point
P21—5,000 Equus
R20—50x Carrot
P17—20x Leather
O18—Apollo’s Lyre
M15—500x Oats
R12—Medusa Blood
P13—Poseidon’s Pack
O12—5,000 Equus
Q9—20x Leather
T9—5x Aging Points
V9—Fertility Wand (timed)
T7—Water Trough
U5—50x Carrot
U2—Water Trough
Q7—Titan Challenge
O1—Horseshoe Studs
N1—500x Oats
M2—1* Classical Saddle Cloth
I4—20x Flax
F1—500x Oats
G4—Medusa Blood
B2—10,000 Equus
A8—2** Classical Saddle
C12—Croesus Fortune
A16—2** Classical Saddle
E17—10,000 Equus
C19—1* Classical Saddle Cloth
C22—50x Carrot
C21—Zeus Lightening Bolt
G20—Horseshoe Studs
E10—Nyx Pack (Timed)
F6—Zeus Lightening Bolt
H7—Bell Boots
H8—Apollo’s Lyre
M4—Croesus Fortune
Q5—Bell Boots
N10—Poseidon’s Pack
N7—1* Classical Saddle Cloth
I12—20x Flax
M11—20x Leather
K13—Apollo’s Lyre
K15—5th Element
M18—20x Flax
K22—Aphrodite’s Tears (Timed)
D22—Croesus Fortune

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  1. Chococaton 12 Aug 2016 at 6:35 pm

    On Map 3 G3 is the Seal of Apocalypse. Or possibly prizes have been moved.

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