Sep 08 2016

Wandering Horses September 2016

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Hi all!

The Wandering Horses have returned till September 26.

A full post is coming soon – follow the tutorial to unlock your three horses and start entering competitions to unlock Blue Menelaus!


There are sixteen horses to unlock, with new ones becoming available each day. Unlock all horses to unlock Atlas, which will earn you the newest divine, Ptah, an Egyptian Horse.

Dynamine will be completed after the tutorial and will arrive in your breeding farm. Once you obtain a Wandering Horse, you can carry out actions with it for five days.

The order in which wandering horses become unlocked:

  • Glasswing: Log in each day (6 points for theĀ first login)
  • Blue Menelaus: Enter horses in competition (.37 points per horse)
  • Swallowtail: Stroke a horse in Safe Haven (6 points per horse stroked)
  • Leopard Scribonia: Donate pollen to other wandering horses (.3 points per pollen donated)
    • this horse will certainly require passes to obtain

will be updated!


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  1. Torion 09 Sep 2016 at 10:27 am

    The gains per competition for Blue Menelaus varies player to player, probably depending on how many horses you own. For me, I only receive .1 per comp, although a friend has told me she receives 1.74 per comp :)

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