Mar 04 2017

Plants Promotion – March 2017

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Until March 20th, you can grow plants and discover the prizes inside them on Howrse!

The Divine for this promotion is the second Plant Divine introduced so far; Carnivorus.

This time there is again daily objectives, which you can skip by donating a Black Market Item to Ow.

You can obtain seeds:

  • When you log in every day (2 seeds)
  • By completing daily objectives
  • By buying seeds with passes

The plants will grow every day when you log in, but you can also water your plants in order for them to grow instantly. You can water your plants whenever you want, as long as you have water.

You can get water:

  • When you log in every day (2o per day)
  • By completing daily objectives
  • If your friends gift you water (up to 4 per day)
  • By buying water with passes

And when your plants finish growing, you’ll get a prize! Every time you harvest a plant, the divine plant will grow as well (1% for each plant harvested). You can also give the divine plant flys in order for it to grow faster (0.25% per fly).

Prizes are randomized, and you get one of the possible prizes when your plant is harvested:

  1. Yellow Seeds (Grows 5% on the first login, 5% for each water added): 1* Classical Saddle Cloth, 1* Ear Bonnet, 10 Carrots, 200 Fodder, 100 oats, 20 wood, 20 iron, 20 sand, or 500 equus.
  2. Green Seeds (Grows 4% on the first login, 4% for each water added): Philotes’ Stroke, Achilles Heel, Horseshoe Studs, Helios Ray, Piece of Cloud, Water Trough, 10 Aging Points, 10 000 equus.
  3. Red Seeds (Grows 3% on the first login, 3% for each water added): Fertility Wand, Medusas Blood, Water of Youth, Shower, Chronos’ Timer, Bonus Pack, Aphrodites’ Tears
  4. Orange Seeds (Grows 2% on the first login, 2% for each water added): Philosopher’s Stone, 75 000 equus, Hestia’s Gift, Harmony Pack, Themis’ Scale, The 5th Element

They have also added a new collections page, along with the promotion, and new customization trophies for the Vintage Apple, Helios Ray and Ow’s Helios Ray. 

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