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May 24 2017

Wild West Cards – 2017 May/June Promotion

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Until June 12th, discover the Wild West with brand new scratch cards! Collect cards, and complete puzzles by getting the Wild West cards and win lots of surprises. Get cards: When you login for the first time of the day (2 cards) Winning competitions (1 card per day) Taking your horses for a ride (1 […]

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May 05 2017

Wandering Horses – 2017 May Promotion

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The wandering horses are back! Until May 22nd you can collect points and be visited by the 16 Environment Wandering Horses. To get the wandering horses, you will wait for them to unlock (you can unlock them earlier for passes), then collect all the points they require. All the wanderers have different objectives, and give different […]

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