Jun 15 2017

The Celebration – 2017 June Promotion

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Until July 3rd, give the right offerings during the celebration and win prizes!

Every day children will show up and ask for treats. Give them the specific treats they ask for in order to get the maximum number of satisfaction points and win prizes. You can expect a curse if you give them something they do not like.

Children will turn up regularly throughout the day, and they leave after 48 hours if you do not give them anything. Each day, the number of children who come to visit increases. You can also buy blowing shells for passes to get extra children to visit you.

You can get offerings by:

  • First login of the day (17 a day)
  • When grooming a horse (4 a day)
  • Winning contests (4 a day)
  • Making them in your workshops
  • Flash sales
  • In the Black Market for passes

Get 7600 satisfaction points to win Tangaroa, the first Divine in the Maori Divine series. Tangaroa has a tiki you must fill with mana. For that you need to observe 3 turtle nests a day, and find out if there are any baby turtles.

  • 1 baby turtle = 5 x mana
  • 2 baby turtles = 20 x mana
  • 3 baby turtles = 80 x mana

When the Tiki contains 800 mana, Tangaroa will give you 1 x water element. The water element is a new item that will give your horse the water coat (from the 5th element).

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