Jul 21 2018

Taking a vacation – 2018 July Promotion

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Until August 6th, help the children get ready for their vacation and win prizes!

This is another version of the Halloween promotion/going to the beach promotion if anyone remembers those.

Children will turn up every once in a while and ask for items. More and more will come each day. You get 72 hours to give them an item. You recieve satisfaction points depending on what you give and what was actually asked for.

How do you get items?

  • When you log in for the first time of the day
  • By grooming your horses (2 items per horse, 4 horses per day)
  • By winning competitions (2 items, 4 wins per day)
  • By completing collections
  • Making them in the workshop
  • Buying them with passes

The Divine

Baldr is one of the Nordic divines. Get 7400 satisfaction points to win Baldr.

Lift the veil that has descended on the Nordic worlds by winning points with rides to Asgard, Nilfheim and Midgard.

When you get 360 points, the veil is raised and Baldr gives you 1x Black Orchid.

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