May 21 2011

Black Pearl Basics

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Personally I prefer Photoshop, but it’s quite expensive, GIMP on the other hand is FREE.

When downloading GIMP you’ll notice they also have tutorials in all sorts of language, this is your help files, and you probably want them.

To create a coat for the Black Pearl, you need to create some digital art. What this means is you’re drawing on the computer. You can use traditional media (pencils, paints, etc.) but that requires a lot of extra work to get your picture ready to submit (I’m not going to go over that, it isn’t worth your time).

To learn more about digital art and specifically how to draw horses just search google for “digital art horse tutorial” and you’ll find hundreds! (I’ll be publishing a list of some of my favourites soon).

The first thing you need to come up with is a concept. You should read all the other articles I’ve done on the black pearl so that you understand the rules. Come up with something different & creative from everything else available, and get ready to practice TONS!

Your creation MUST have a transparent background so that when it’s placed on howrse, you can see the background behind the picture. This is why we are saving your creation as a .png instead of a .jpg/.jpeg; .png has transparency.

Once you’ve got GIMP downloaded & installed on your computer, open’er up and and get ready to play around.

You must follow this guide step-by-step until you are more familiar with the GIMP program.


The first thing to do it download the frame for the golden apple (or HR or HoG).
Open it up in GIMP.


Now you’re ready to start drawing, right click in the area where it shows all your layers, and create a new layer for all your work.

Draw your horse (okay that’s a PRETTY rough pony!), check out the dozens of available digital art horse tutorials on how to draw properly.

Make sure you make him nice & big so he fills up most of the available space.

The horse I drew didn’t overlap the boarders so I added a little bobble just to demonstrate the crop tool clearly.

When you are finished drawing your horse, go to the crop tool, select all the area inside your frame & double-click to crop. This will make sure that there is NO overlapping of the border, which will go against BP guidelines & cause you problems when you’re uploading your image.

(Make sure you are only cropping the layer which has your drawing on it, you submit your artwork with the frame on it)

Now to save, we go to “save as”, make sure “save background colour” is checked, and save your work!


All done!
Now, this image would be accepted into the black pearl but, uh, I can do better ;).

Photoshop is MUCH easier to use, but I’m not going to post a tutorial for that one, because frankly, if you need a tutorial for Photoshop you need a lot more help then I can offer and should be checking out the Adobe site.

Good luck!

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  1. CeCeon 04 Jun 2017 at 3:15 pm

    I need help finding a FREE site/app, one that works well so I can do this. Can someone please help?! I really want to make a Golden Apple coat, but don’t want to spend any money.

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