Jun 12 2011

Helpful BP Tips

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Contrast is your friend

Especially if any part of your image overlaps itself (horse has his head tucked into his chest, or is coming towards you). You must increase your contrast a lot or the horse will just look like a big blob!


The 90% rule

Do NOT distort your picture so that it fills most of the space. You need to start worrying about this when you draw it, but at the end of the day as long as it fills up either 90% width OR 90% height you’re going to be fine. Everyone knows most horses are longer horizontally then they are tall vertically.


Monkey horse got kicked out for not being enough horse. If I'd done horse-ears and maybe a mane it probably could have gotten in.

A horse is a horse.

Aim for at least 50% horse parts if you’re doing a cross. You should be able to immediately tell it’s a horse. You’re also probably better off not just cutting both creatures in half and gluing them together, but get a little more creative then that.


Ditch the free-use line art.

Seriously! Too many of the exact same coats are being submitted and only one is going to get in. Either find an artist that will make you a lineart that only you can use, or learn to draw. Plus there is a new rule about not re-creating images already accepted into the GA; now, there is some debate about the extent of this rule, but as I see it, if any of the line-art gets in you can not submit more of the same line-art in the next BP.


You don’t need to submit everything you make.

Concentrate on one really really good coat, instead of 4-5 coats that aren’t so great. It’s easy to add wings or a horn to one good coat and then you’ve got 3 right there.

Ask if you’re not sure

I can’t provide all the answers, but Ow is online on the international server in the mornings. You can either ask in person or have someone else ask for you if you have a burning and unique question. Ask in the creation space first, because most people hanging around there (myself included) have already asked/seen the answers to the most popular questions.

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  1. violetblue123 (login)on 14 Jun 2012 at 2:38 pm

    There can be more than one of the same lineart accepted into the BP, they just have to have different colors. They are normally not accepted if the colors are the same, but everything else about it can be the same (lineart-wise). You can also do whatever you want to the lineart, so you could add or remove wings or horns from them to make it different if you want.

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