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Jul 20 2010

Achievements Gone, Objectives Welcomed

Update 3.3.0 came a bit earlier than expected. With this upgrade, there were a few surprises that we didn’t know of. There are some little things like.. your notepad is now in your messaging system your equus reserve has a break between every thousand the morale and energy gain will be displayed when you put […]

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Jul 10 2010

This Week’s Updates

I have been quite busy this week, so I only have several new things: July 5: A new poll was added – you can find this on the right side bar. After seen the results, I decided to keep both pages, but I might move the Springtime Coats to just a link (without the picture) […]

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Jul 08 2010

Achievements Are BACK!

Seems like Howrse really gave into the players today – First, they realized the egg was a bit unfair for some players and allowed Falabellas to be found in the Horn of Plenty (Unfortunately, this was a bit unfair for the players who already owned one). And now, the achievements are back! This is one […]

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Jul 03 2010

Major Upgrade on July 6th

Howrse is having yet again another major upgrade. Here’s some quick points on what will be happening: Achievements will be deleted – those who are on/passed level 7 will still keep the notification on their page. Removal of unhatched eggs – family that registered under your user name will be added to your friends list […]

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