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Jun 14 2011

Howrse Lottery – New Breed Introduced!

Starting today, enter the lottery drawings every two hours to win prizes! The top prizes include a Sleipnir (one per drawing), a Trakehner (seems to be about 100 per drawing?), or a Harmony Pack (about 50 or so per drawing). Other gifts include BM items, store items, pets, equus, etc. Also note, that after so […]

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Apr 28 2011

Removal of Riding Levels, Addition of Pets!

Some quick additions are being released today (although physically on the game next week), but bigger surprises are yet to come! Here’s a summary of the new changes: Riding levels removed: Bonuses will be listed seniority now, instead of riding levels. The RL will be removed from HowrseHelper as well, unless you guys would like […]

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Apr 05 2011

Lots more new changes

Yes apples and salt blocks have been removed, but the game has been re-balanced so you don’t need them. These changes have been made because howrse is going to introduce companions in May. Removal of Salt Stone & Apples   They will still increase moral, but you can only give them to other player’s horses.   […]

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Mar 27 2011

Howrse Lottery

The Howrse lottery is a brand new event from Owlient. You are able to buy up to 2 tickets per draw (200 eq each) and every ticket is a winner. In addition you can send 1 ticket to each of your friends for 200 eq each. While the lottery is on, you’ll get one free ticket with […]

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