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Jul 07 2011

Gypsy Vanners have come to Howrse

You can gain them through the fruit salad contest. The excel in jumping, stamina & dressage.      

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Jul 04 2011

Updates on the New Versions

Changes have been made on the new versions, (AU, CA, UK, US), but not the international versions. The new changes were just added to International Howrse on July 5. When sending any horse to the Safe Haven, you usually receive 400e. When sending a uni-reject (or a foal that came from two unicorn parents), you […]

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Jun 17 2011

Ruby: The Sleipnir’s Replacement

Ruby is a new divine that will be the new grand prize in the lottery drawing. Each day Ruby will grow, except on his birthday. (You can’t age any divines, but I’m guessing this might age by itself without being cared for. This is just a guess; it needs to be confirmed by a Ruby […]

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Jun 14 2011

Howrse Lottery – New Breed Introduced!

Starting today, enter the lottery drawings every two hours to win prizes! The top prizes include a Sleipnir (one per drawing), a Trakehner (seems to be about 100 per drawing?), or a Harmony Pack (about 50 or so per drawing). Other gifts include BM items, store items, pets, equus, etc. Also note, that after so […]

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