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Dec 13 2012

“The Magic Ride” – Howrse’s Holiday Promotion

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Personally, I am very excited for this promotion. It requires little work and offers some good prizes without needing equus or passes to get them. The overall promotion is a board game – you roll the die every 8 hours and select the space you would like to move to. If you move to an […]

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Mar 20 2012

Bingo Brought to Howrse

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Howrse’s newest promotion is similar to others, but with a new twist. This time, your collecting numbers and looking to fill your bingo cards. You will receive daily numbers when logging in as well as other ways that require a bit of effort: when your horses play (maximum 10 per day) when you nurse your […]

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Dec 04 2011

Virtual Christmas Cards on Howrse -UPDATED-

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I got too caught up with this promotion and the nice weather that I forgot to write a post – sorry for the delay! Instead of the Advent Calendar this year, Howrse introduced virtual Christmas cards. How to earn cards: Each day you log in for the first time that day, you receive three cards […]

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Nov 29 2011

Newest Updates: Objectives Added!

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Howrse introduced several new changes today: Objectives: 91 to 100 have been added! More will come in 2012 View the added objectives here! Rookie Competitions: Similar to the competitions for horses under 20 wins, but the horse cannot have skills higher than 1/3 of the highest skilled horse on the game (ex: if the highest […]

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