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Jul 27 2010

Sorry guys, another break..

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Update: July 31 – I have a better brace now, making it easier to type. I might be able to update the site more than expected now. :) I did make another layout that is available for your EC! The new Lavender Layout! I’ve barely recovered from before and now my wrist is hurt. :/ […]

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Jun 15 2010

Negative 65,534 Places Available

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Since it’s finally summer, I have more time on my hands, which makes me want to train more horses. Sticking my horses in some ECs, I came across this one center that doesn’t have negative one places available, but has negative sixty five thousand. I guessed this was a one time thing and will go […]

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May 19 2010

Man, Where Has the Time Gone..

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I am so sorry that I have not been able to message people on Howrse concerning signatures or their questions. This was such a busy, and another unexpected, week. I really hope to be back up and running and editing the site this weekend, but I’m a bit iffy about that…Since the weather is so […]

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Apr 17 2010

Week of April 11 Recap

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April 11th: The Archimedes Answers were finally added today! I organized them in alphabetical order and then divided them into smaller web pages so it will be easier to find the answer to your question. New post added: Small New Details on Howrse New post added: Quick Update for HowrseHelper April 12th: Animated Signatures were […]

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