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Oct 09 2011

I’m back!

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Over the past few months, I’ve been away from Howrse. I haven’t been on to answer questions in the comments, nor on Howrse. I wasn’t able to update any pages or add layouts. Norse has been so helpful during this time to keep all the daily news posts updated; I’d appreciate it if you could […]

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Apr 19 2011

Quick Updates!

There are several new changes on Howrse/HH to be announced: (Updated April 20) Players have been asking for a modified foal games due to the new changes. Thanks to BlackRoseMaiden for providing them, they’re here for you! (Available for games used with kilograms here) Luckily, Howrse adjusted the chances of getting a unicorn! Make sure […]

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Jul 24 2010

New Features!

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I felt the need to put up a new post on new features on the website. :) New Navigation: First off, there’s the new navigation. Thank you to everyone for being so patient with it. I apologize if this affected your experience with browsing the site. All is well now with the new drop-down menu. […]

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Jul 22 2010

New Navigation!

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As you can probably see above, I coded a new navigation for HowrseHelper. I will be removing the side navigation for more space. If you bookmarked some pages, you may not have access to them anymore as I made new pages to organize the site more. (Example: Customized Layouts isn’t just – you now […]

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