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Divine Directory

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New divines are added towards the bottom of the page.

Note: These links lead to international Howrse only.


Ouranos and Gaia: Can’t be sold. “Original” horses on the game. There is one of each, both belonging to Ow, an admin. Every foundation horse given to a player has these horses listed as its parents.

Gypse became a gemstone divine! (see below)

Arion: male, can be sold. Gives the owner a Poseidon’s Pack on the 17th of each month (or every 3 months if you are not the breeder), during the website update time. The only requirement is for you to have logged in the previous day. In addition, on the first day of each month, an Arion horse is given to the player who has won the highest number of rosettes during the previous month, unless this player has already bred this horse in the past.

Osiris: male, rewards its owner everyday with either a diamond, equus, or skills to apply to the horse.

Midas: First donkey divine! male, cannot be sold nor breed. Will turn apples into Harmony Packs once a month. If an owner of Midas gives an apple to a donkey older than 18 months and with no special coat, the apple will turn into a harmony pack. Therefor, it seems that other players can benefit from the divine and not just the owners.

Mythological Divines:

Cowbra: Only one on the game, can’t be sold or reproduce. As of 2013, there is no longer a Cowbra on the game. The owner left Howrse, therefor deleting the horse. Here is a link to the picture if you’re interested.

Sleipnir: Six coats: fire, black, bay, grey, white, and palomino. Can be sold, but can’t reproduce. If the owner does not care for it for 7 days in a row, or doesn’t log on Howrse for 30 days, the Sleipnir will run away to another Sleipnir owner. This was removed on November 30th, 2011. The divine can no longer run away from the owner.

Xanthos: Pet this divine and have the possibility of winning a Horn of Plenty and 1,000e. However, one of your horses will receive 10 energy points after stroking your first Xanthos for that day. Can be sold, can’t reproduce. Be sure to check the instant stroke links provided under Divine Links!

Balios: Brother of the Xanthos, according to Mythology. (unable to be stroked though) Can be sold, can’t reproduce. Offers a Nyx Pack to the owner on the 19th of each month, if they were connected the previous day. Skills increase each day.

Five types:

Croesus: Can be sold, can’t reproduce. Produces equus instead of manure. Gives the owner a pass on the 13th of every month, if the owner logged in the day before. If the 13th is a Friday, the owner will get two passes. Any horse on your account named “Junior Croesus” (gender won’t matter) has the possibility of becoming a Croesus every month. Note: Only one horse will count; no point in naming several of your horses this name.

Greyfell: Can reproduce, can’t be sold. This divine looses health each day. If it survives for 30 days, you will receive a two diamonds and 20,000e after it is sent to Heaven. (Note: this means the horse will no longer be alive on your account) If you are worried it won’t last the 30 days, give it a Black Orchid to revive it’s health. Once it passes, you can bring it back to life with a Pandora’s Box (you will not receive the two diamonds and 20,000e). It is possible to add a Philosopher’s Stone to keep it alive forever. Of the 12 different types of Greyfell, two of which are female which enable them to mate with other Greyfells. (no specific conditions needed, other than both are Greyfells. At only one point on the game, if it is the first day of the month, and you own one of each 12 different types, you can change one into a Palomino Sleipnir. (The option will be on it’s page; I am not sure if it can change back into a Greyfell – I imagine it can’t.)

Gullfaxi: male, cannot be sold, has high skills in speed and stamina. Skills are changed based on the top horses in the game. Each time he enters a competition with a rosette, he automatically wins won, even if he doesn’t place first (given he didn’t already win a rosette in that race)

Hrímfaxi: Male, cannot be sold. Represents the night; after collecting enough dew, the owner has the possibility of earning as many aging points as horses he took care of that day.

Skínfaxi: Male, cannot be sold. Represents the day; collect enough light to earn 5% morale for your horses

Water Horses:

Snow: Can’t be sold, but can reproduce with a Mist. There are five different colors that each represent a skill:

  • Blue: cross-country
  • Red: show jumping
  • Green: trot
  • Purple: gallop
  • Orange: barrel-racing
  • White: dressage

Mist: Can reproduce with a Snow to produce an Ocean. Can’t be sold, first female divine on the game. Its highest skills vary each day; could be galloping one day, stamina the next.

Ocean: Can’t be sold, can’t reproduce. Foal of a Mist and Snow. Just like the Mist, the skills change.

Frost: mare, cannot be sold, can reproduce with Ocean once in her life to create Snowflake. Her highest skills change everyday (main quality to her). Similar to Xanthos/Topaz, there is a button to defrost her. By doing this, you have the option to find a Hypnos’s blanket, which is a new BM item that allows you to care for your horse without boarding it in an EC. On the first of each month, a Frost will be offered to one of the players that helped defrost her.

Snowflakeoffspring of Frost and Ocean, male, skills vary depending on the temperature (the colder it is, the more skills it has)

Cascade: mare, can’t be sold. Reproduces once with Snowflake to produce Geyser. Her top skill fluctuates every day and one Cascade is offered to a player on the first day of the month if he/she has logged in at least 20 days of the past month.

Geyser: foal of Snowflake and Cascade; similar to Cascade, Geyser’s skills vary each day. Also, he increases the fertility of your equestrian center meadows by 3% each day in any season when they are not cultivated (instead of 1% in the spring and autumn and 0.2% in the winter).

Rain: female; can mate with Geyser to produce Cloud; skills fluctuate daily. Increases crop yield by 5%. For VIP members, will bed horses if they have been groomed

Cloud: foal of Rain and Geyser; has high skills that fluctuate daily

Dew: female, can’t be sold. Skills vary each day; only divine that can foal twice! She first gives birth to Wave by breeding with Cloud. If a player owns all the water divines, Dew can breed a second time with Cloud to produce Brook.

Wave: male, cannot be sold. Foal of Dew and Cloud; skills vary each day.

Brookfoal of Dew and Cloud if player has all water divines; skills change daily

Gemstone Divines:

These horses are listed as divines, but are titled gemstone horses because they all are inspired by different gemstones. (located on all servers) Most of these will give their owner a diamond under certain circumstances. Their skills are increased through diamonds.

Ruby: Can’t be sold, can’t reproduce. This horse was won by players who participated in the Howrse lottery (first place prize). When the player receives the divine, it already has a Water of Youth. Once the horse reaches a birthday, the owner receives five diamonds. It takes 12 days to earn five diamonds (because of the WOY). These diamonds can then be used to purchase items in the Black Market, instead of using passes.

Sapphire: Can reproduce with an Emerald to create Topaz. This divine was won through a promotion by creating potions. After 30 were made, you can create one to get the Sapphire. Each day, the Sapphire will lead it’s owner to a player’s page. If the owner does so correctly, they earn a diamond on even days and 1,000e on odd days.

Emerald: Can reproduce with a Sapphire to create a Topaz, does not award diamonds. Can’t be sold.

Topaz: Can’t reproduce, can’t be sold. The foal of a Sapphire and Emerald. This horse is similar to the Xanthos – when you congratulate it (there is a button on its page, next to the apple option), you may receive a diamond if you are lucky. However, you will always receive 50e. There is a limit to stroke five a day. You can find the Topaz links here.

Jade: Can’t reproduce, can’t be sold. Gives the owner a diamond if the horse wakes up with a skill that is equal to or higher than zero. (it starts with negative skills) This horse was added to Howrse through the Wandering Horses promotion. This is the only Gemstone horse who’s skills can’t be boosted by diamonds – the owner must wait for it to gain its skill.

Amethyst: Can’t reproduce, can’t be sold. After the owner puts it to bed, a UFO appears on a page afterward that offers an aging point, or a diamond if you are lucky. Its skills can be boosted by diamonds.

Pearl: Can’t reproduce, can’t be sold. Has the possibility of finding a diamond when it does a lesson. Its skills can be boosted by diamonds as well. Added through the lottery promotion.

Amber: Can’t reproduce, can’t be sold. Possibility of producing a diamond when it wakes up. Skills can be boosted by diamonds

Quartz: Can’t reproduce, can’t be sold. Might find a diamond when going to pasture for the first time each day. Its skills can be boosted by diamonds.

Diamond: Can’t reproduce, can’t be sold. The next Gemstone horse won by players if they have all other Gemstone horses. Its skills can be boosted by diamonds and a player can only own one Diamond.

Opal: can’t reproduce, can’t be sold. There is a chance of finding a diamond when put in his stall for the first time that day.

Agate: can’t reproduce, can’t be sold. There is a chance of finding diamonds in place of the turnip button.

Onyx: can’t reproduce, can’t be sold. After the horse is groomed, a UFO appears of either a diamond or 500e

Gypsum: Can be sold, (only gemstone that can!) can’t reproduce. This horse built out of sand can turn back into sand. After the owner rebuilds it, sand will be given to him/her, which can be traded for skills.  As of July 2014, Gypsum (“Gypse”) was added to the Gemstone Divines. He can still be rebuilt and can earn a diamond once in a while. His skills are improved with diamonds.

Solar System Divines:

You can take your divine on rides in different galaxies to increase it’s skill. Each horse has different prizes that can be won under different circumstances. They can’t be sold.

Saturn: rides in Milky Way; brings 5 diamonds on a full moon if you have logged within the previous 3 days.

Mars: rides in Supernova; earns one diamond every 20 skill points; only SS divine that can breed with Venus.

Jupiter: rides in Whirlpool; every time 2 competitions are won in one day, 1 diamond is awarded

Mercury: rides in Black Hole; if the date is a prime  number, you will receive a diamond if you have logged in within the previous three days.

Neptune: rides around Pluto; earns 3 diamonds every 10 days you log in.

Venus: first female SS Divine (all above are male); she can only bred once and with the divine horse Mars to give birth to Uranus. Rides around an exoplanet and brings five diamonds every new moon, if you logged in the past three days.

Uranus: foal of Venus and Mars, rides in Halley’s comet

Sun: rides in comet Hale-Bopp;  only way to get this horse if if you have all other SS divines (other than moon); can be sold

Earth: rides in Antennae galaxy, second female SS divine; breeds once in her life with Sun to produce a Moon. Every time her son celebrates a birthday, you get a diamond.

Moon: son of Sun and Moon; can be sold, rides around Earth to increase skills.

Pluto: rides in Andromeda galaxy, chance of finding a diamond during rides

Io: rides in Jupiter, gives one diamond when placing second in two competitions

Divine Wind Horses:

Ride these divines over the oceans to increase their wind strength or over the mountains to increase their skills. Rides over the plains will increase their skills as well as its wind strength. Until 3100 years old, as soon as their wind strength reaches 100 %, they will be able to stir up a storm that will leave exceptional gifts behind! The direction of the wind determines skill or wind strength points that they win during rides, as well as the gift earned during storms. When the wind shows a given direction, they may win a skill bonus or penalty for the current day.

All are male, cannot reproduce, cannot be sold

Eurus: Black Orchid, diamond, other surprise

Boreas: Pandora’s Box, a diamond, or another surprise
Zephyrus: Fertility wand, a diamond, or another surprise
Notus: Bonus Pack, diamond, or another surprise
Caicias: Hestia’s Gift, diamond, or another surprise

Lips: Titan’s Challenge, diamond, or another surprise

Apeliotes: Harmony Pack, diamond, or another surprise

Skeiron: Water of Youth, diamond, or another surprise

Euronotus: Philosopher’s Stone, diamond, or another surprise

Iapyx: Zues’ Lightning Bolt, diamond, or another surprise

Libonotus: Aphrodite’s Tears, diamond, or another surprise

Aeolus: Morpheus’ Arms, diamond, or another surprise

ThraciusChronos’ Timer, diamond, or another surprise

Season Divines

Each day of the specific season for the horse, the horse will earn 30 skill points the player can apply to any category and 5,000e. Additionally, the horses have other perks for VIP members

Spring: lower the maximal boarding duration in equestrian centers to 1 day (VIP only)

Summer: +50 horseshoes at the beginning of each Great Challenge (cannot be combined with another offer) (VIP only)

Fall: +1 trade per week (cannot be combined with another offer) (VIP only)

Winter:  30 skill points to apply as wished; 5,000 equus each day in Winter (in the game) VIP only: filter competitions with horseshoes as a prize


Chinese Divine Horse Group

Cannot be sold

Tianma: Male, can breed. Occasionally produce twice as many droppings without Plotus’ Parchment; earns skills every other day (player decides what category); Earns 50 horseshoes for the next Great Challenge and allows VIP members to offer four coverings for a donkey instead of three.

Shenma: Male winged unicorn; can occasionally give owners 1.5 more chances of finding an aging point; earns skills every other day. Adds 50 horseshoes during the next Great Challenge.

Qilin: Male unicorn which can reproduce with any other female unicorn. If the resultant foal is a unicorn, it will inherit 15 additional skills in each category. Qilin will earn extra skills each time he is covered. A fertility wand will be rewarded to the owner the first day of every month, given the player logged on the previous day.

Chitu: foal of Longma and Tianma; earns skills daily that can be placed to any skill

Longma: female, can mate once with Tianma and give birth to Chitu; can trigger a bonus of having a 100% chance of finding a tub of grease between the time the bonus starts and the next update. Allows VIP members to reserve a box right after its purchased

Huanglong: can trigger a bonus of giving horses 100% energy between the time the bonus is activated and the start of the next update. Receives skill points that can be applied to any skill. Allows VIP members to earn 10% extra horseshoes for competitions during the Great Challenge.

Pixiu: can trigger a bonus of receiving an extra 20e per lesson completed; earns skills that can be applied to any skill; VIP perk: cover unicorns after 6 months instead of 10

Prehistoric Divines:

Each day he progresses of 1 point in each of his skills in the limit of half the skill total from the best horse of the game for that particular skill. Cannot be sold

Hyracotherium: Owning this horse allows donkey foals to inherit 50% of the parents’ innate skills.

Hipparion: Each time this horse reaches skills within a multiple of 200 points, the owner will receive a foal of a breed and coat that he does not have. Once the owner has all the foals, he will not receive a new one.

Tarpan:all purebred foals that your mares give birth to have a greater chance of having the same coat as one of their parents when compared to the regular probabilities of coats available to their breed; not cumulative

Hippidion: female, breeds with Tarpan once. Each time her skills reach a multiple of 200, the owner receives an Aphrodite’s Tears.

Forest Horse: Son of Hippidion and Tarpan.

Horses of the Rainbow

Cannot be sold. Each horse provides the owner with a diamond given they logged in the past three days. If all seven horses are obtained, the owner receives the Secret Rainbow

Cool Carrot: Gives one diamond every Tuesday; VIP: carrots give double the energy on Tuesday’s

Charming Red: Gives one diamond every Monday. VIP: Stroking the horse gives double the energy on Monday’s

Shiny Yellow: Gives one diamond every Wednesday. VIP: Energy consumption in speed training is halved on Wednesday’s

Lovely Blue: Mare, breeds once with Yellow to produce Forest Green. Gives a diamond every Friday. VIP: Earn double morale when grooming your horse on Friday

Forest Green: Son of Blue and Yellow. Gives a diamond every Thursday. VIP: Energy consumption when riding through a forest on Thursday is halved

Devoted Indigo:Gives a diamond every Saturday. VIP: Energy consumption for dressage/trail class competitions are halved on Saturday

Legendary Horses:

Once you add all five components of the legendary tack to your horse, the horse’s skills double and will become a legendary horse. You will also receive a point of the Star of Legendary Power. Once all five points are collected, you can activate it, which gives a +10 bonus to all of your horses.

Legendary horses cannot breed or be sold.

Altair: Occasionally, the option to drink occurs twice per day. When he has two drinks, the owner is rewarded 24 hours of VIP membership. VIP perks include automated mission breakdown management.

Zodiac Horses:

There are thirteen total (two horses for Gemini). If you own the horse representing the star sign that corresponds with your birthday, you will receive a Fifth Element. The last day of each star month, a horse is given to a player born under the star sign for that month. Once all 12 horses are collected, the final horse, Serpentarius is awarded to the player. When Serpentarius wins his first competition, the player receives a Special 5th Element in that the player can choose which element the horse represents.

Once a month, the horse of the proper sign is rewarded to players native to that sign. Horses cannot be sold

Some horses provide BM items on the first Saturday of the month as long as the user logged in within the previous 3 days

Aquarius: rewards Aphrodites’ Tears on the first Saturday of the month as long as the user logged in within 3 previous days

Pisces: can breed with Aquarius to produce Aries

Aries: son of Aquarius and Pisces

Taurus: Each day upon waking up, there is a chance of winning Zeus’ Lightning Bolt

Gemini: There are two Gemini horses; if the player has both, a fertility wand will be rewarded on the 11th of each month

Cancer: Cancer can bred with Gemini to produce Leo

Leo: son of Cancer and Gemini

Scorpio: no BM item is rewarded; nothing unique for this divine

Sagittarius: can breed with Scorpio to produce Capricorn

Capricorn:son of Sagittarius and Scorpio


Egyptian Horses:

There are 11 different horses each based off an Egyptian god or goddess. If all 10 are obtained, the player receives the final horse, Ra. Each day the horse offers the player a scratch off treasure chest to win prizes.

These horses cannot be sold

Osiris: offers a diamond, equus, or skill points to assign to Osiris

Isis: when you cover a (non-divine) mare as the first covering of the day on the 1st day of each month (after the daily update), she can give birth to between 3 and 5 identical foals.

Horus: offers a philosopher’s stone, equus, or skill points to assign to Horus

Thoth: offers a Hermes’ staff, aging points, or skill points to assign to Thoth

Anubis: offers a Hestia’s gift, leather, or skill points to assign to Anubis

Seth: offers a Titan’s challenge, mashes, or skill points to assign to Seth

Amun: offers a Golden Fleece, 1* Polo wraps, or skill points to assign to Amun

Sekhmet: offers a Themis Scale, mashes, or skill points for Sekhmet



Falabellas: Can be sold, can’t reproduce. Gives the owner 1 in 100 chance of receiving a bonus when entering a horse in a competition. Five different colors and names:

Competition bonus: Speed: +7, Dressage: +8, Jumping: +9

Harlequin: Used during a carnival promotion, gave that parade a higher value. Can be sold, can’t reproduce.

Archimedes: Can be sold, can’t reproduce. Awarded to players who contributed to the Howrse Quiz, which was removed. Any player can answer a question on it’s page and if correct, win an aging point. Be sure to check that you have the correct answer with the Archimedes Questions listed under Divine Links


Wild Horses:

These wild horses can only be earned through winning a promotion on Howrse. The owner can work the horse, but won’t always do the action asked if the horse is not tamed. Once the horse is tamed, the owner will be rewarded with diamonds until it is 80 years old. They can never be boarded in an EC. To tame the horse, there is an action the owner can do which requires 50% of energy and increases it’s tameness by 3-5%. A request can be made to help tame that costs 200e, but will double in price after each time; this only adds 1% to tame. (Thanks to xForeverLovingKiki for the info) Cannot be sold or bred.

Spanish Mustang (USA)

Exmoor (England)

Misaki (Japan)

Sorraia (Portugal)

Chincoteague (USA)

Camargue (France)

Sable Island Pony (Canada)

Konik (Poland)

Kaimanawa (New Zealand)

Namibian Horse (Namibia)

Garrano (Portugal)

Brumby (Australia)

Welsh Mountain (Wales)

Lavradeiro (Brazil)

Kundudo (Ethiopia)

Pottok (France)

Abaco Barb (The Bahamas)

Dartmoor (England)
Dülmen Pony (Germany)
Przewalski (Mongolia)



1. How can I get a divine?

Howrse has promotions when a new divine comes out, usually “Purchase x amount of pass packs to receive the new divine”. This is an easy way if you are a pass buyer. There are some promotions, such as finding a divine in a HOP if you are lucky. Also, there is always the option of purchasing one in the sales, but they can go for hundreds of thousands of equus and packs of passes in sales, or millions in the auctions. However — some divines are given away to players during certain periods, but the chance of winning one is very slim. For example, a Zodiac divine is given to a player at the end of every month.

2. How come some players have tons of divines?

Those players are usually the top players on Howrse. The have the equus/passes to buy them in sales or to win them through promotions.

3. How can I view one of these divines on Howrse?

To view any horse on Howrse, go to Community > Directories > Select the “Horse” tab > Search the name of the horse. You can view the skills, genetics, previous ownership, current ownership, etc.

4. Can I use the Divine Links (Xanthos/Archimedes) on the other Howrse servers (AU, CA, UK, US)?

No, you cannot. These links lead to International Howrse.

5. Why do players name their horse “Junior Croesus”?

As mentioned above under the info about the divine Croesus, if a horse is named Junior Croesus there is a chance for it to become a Croesus – it’s very rare. This will only work for the Croesus and no other divine or special.

6. What are “Wandering Horses”?

The wandering horses are a promotion that has been on Howrse for several times. After doing a task to earn one of the horses, the player will be able to care for that horse until the promotion is over. By obtaining all the wandering horses, the ultimate prize will be awarded (such as a new divine/wild horse). Since it is a promotion, the wandering horses aren’t kept by the players and every time the wandering horses return, a new set will appear.

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