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Howrse has so many different options and goals to complete, that it can get very confusing at time. Here is a space that answer frequently asked questions about game play. If you have a question that isn’t on this list, feel free to post it in the comments section.

Game Play:

1. How do I complete objective number ____?

Tips for completing objectives can be found on their respective page. Please read those tips/comments from others before posting a comment

2. What are Pass Horses?

Pass Horses are just regular horses. When any mortal horse dies of old age, you get a pass. Your horse needs to be at least over 30 years old and you need to send it to Heaven (not the safe haven) in order to receive your pass. Donkeys will work as well – they don’t have to be just horses. ;)

There are some complications to it; this applies for a 30 day time period. Once that period is over, the numbers start fresh.

If user has earned 10 or less passes sending horses to Heaven, user will always be granted a pass if he sends a new horse to Heaven.
If user has earned more than 10 passes and less than 30 passes, he has one out of three chances to get a pass sending a horse over 30 years old to Heaven. He also has two out of three chances to get a Black Market item.
If user has got more than 30 passes sending horses over 30 years old in the last 30 days, he will get nothing.

3.  I really need equus and I sold all of my inventory. Do I have to sell one of my horses?

No. Most people would say yes, but if you don’t take care of it that day, it won’t age. When it doesn’t age, it won’t need food. Take care of only one horse and easy ways to earn money is to just stroke a horse in the haven or stroke a divine or answer an Archimedes question. View the divine links on a separate page.

4. I just started my game. What’s the best way to take care of my horses?/Can you offer a training schedule?

***This has been relocated to the Tips section.***

Stick to the general training tips posted in the Tips section and train in your horse’s top three categories. There is no need to have a strict time schedule for each breed.

5. Can you personally make me a layout?

         No, I do not have time to make custom layouts; please select a layout from the available ones on HH

6. How do I cancel an Auction Sale?

When you click on the auction sale, on the right there should be a button that sales “Cancel Sale”. You have to pay for this to happen and you can’t cancel it if someone is bidding on your horse. It would be best to make sure you really want to sell you horse before you put it up in the auctions.

7. Can an Xanthos be sold?

Yes, if the owner chooses to do so, they can. I have seen three in the auction so far. One sold for 3 million equus and the other sold for 2.2 million equus I think.

8. Can divines/specials breed?

Most are unable to breed, but Mist and Snow can breed to produce another divine named Ocean.

9. How do I create an affix or breeding farm?

Affix: Go to “My horses”, click “My Affixes” and then it should take you through the steps to complete it from there.

Breeding Farm: My Horses > Click the plus button on the right to add more

10. How do I make the presentation size larger?

On your profile page, near the top right corner of the presentation, it will have three little buttons. Click on the last one, “Options”, and edit the size that will appear for your presentation. The largest is 1,000 pixels for the length.

11. How do I change an affix?

If you bred the horse, you are able to change the affix. If you did not buy the horse, you won’t be able to change it.

Click on the horse’s name when you’re on the “My Horses” page. At the top, there will be two or three buttons, depending if you have a breeding farm or not. One will be the rename button; click that and select the affix from a drop-down list.

12. How do I make layouts / Where is HTML coding posted?

You will need to understand HTML coding in order to create layouts. I have training offered on this site (you can view it here or browse already made layouts here).

HTML coding is posted in the HTML mode. Go to your page and click on “Modify” then on the right there will be a green button that says, “HTML Mode”.

13. I can’t access Safe Haven, Sales, etc.

Make sure you have a high enough seniority/karma. You may not be able to see that part of Howrse or physically access it because of the seniority.

14. What are Xanthos/Divine Horses?

Relocated to Divine & Special FAQ’s

15. Are certain training schedules better than others?

Personally, I don’t follow any training schedules, other than foal games. Usually, it’s best to just train in short rides first and then go on to the actual training with the training bars. The important thing that you must have though is to put your horse in the meadow for either half an hour or one hour, depending on how much training you’re doing that day. You also must give your horse a salt stone before doing any training or activity. The salt stone gives the highest energy (around 2.5 to 2.8) when your horse has the most energy. Then train your horse in the best three skills. If Dressage is one of the top three, skip it. Since it requires less energy, you can train your horse towards the end of the day when it has 4 or 5% left to spare. Train your horse until it has the least amount of energy left you can use. (if it’s only 4%, don’t train in Dressage yet; your horse can still gain energy and complete a different skill) When you start to care for it to raise it’s energy, always stroke it first since it will give the most energy when your horse has the least. If you are running low on time, don’t give it water or an apple since they will have no affect on the horse’s morale the next day. Feed your horse and give it a turnip, depending on the amount of time left and how much energy your horse has left. (This is when you can train your horse in dressage if only a small amount of energy is needed.) First, check the amount of energy it is need to train in a category and how much time. If your horse already has enough energy and time, go for it. If it only needs a few more, try giving it a carrot. If not, you can feed it a turnip and train it. *Always make sure your horse will be put to bed with at least 20% energy*

Equestrian Centers:

1. I just started my center. How do I raise the prestige?

To raise it’s prestige, you must have enough meadows that are clean, employees, and competitions help too. By the next day, your prestige should rise to about 20 or 30%. However, my opinion when just starting an EC is to not buy any boxes or hire employees until you can get 100,000 equus for your EC. There is more info on this in the Tips section.

2. How come no one is boarding at my EC?

If you just made your EC, don’t worry about it. Most of the reasons are you don’t have carrots, your rate is too high, you have low prestige, you have no health care, or your meadows are dirty. Give it some time to fix these problems. For more help, visit the Tips page.

3. What should be posted in my EC forum?

It’s always best to post fun topics and things that interest you to attract more players. Some main things are “Rate the avatar above you”, Guestbooks, BM trades, contests, and more.

4. How do I rotate meadows?

First, you need to have one extra meadow that is fallow. If the meadow you have is dropping in fertility or cleanliness, put the meadow fallow. Then, take the extra meadow and put it in pasture. This way the prestige won’t drop for cleanliness or fertility.

5. I created a competition, but it doesn’t show up when I try to enter my horse, I can’t find the competition.

Make sure that the difficulty level is set right below your horse’s skills, that way the prestige will get higher. At the bottom of the competition page, there will be a search box for ECs. Search your EC’s name to find the competition. If it is still not listed, check the competition page to see if it is open for registrations. Also, make sure your horse has enough skills.

6. How do I put bedding in the stalls?

Go to the Boxes page and on the right, there should be a button that allows you to put the bedding it. It may not be shown that it’s there, but it will be there by the next update.

More questions and answers coming soon.

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