Jul 30 2014

Gypse is now Gypsum!

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Howrse has been rearranging their divines. Gypse, a divine horse released several years ago during a summer promotion, was known the turn into a pile of sand. If the player rebuilt it, the excess sand could turn into skills for the divine. To better organize the divines, Howrse renamed Gypse to Gypsum and classified it as a Gemstone divine. This is the only Gemstone divine that can be sold. The Divine Directory on HH has been updated accordingly!


Previous Gypse

New Gypsum

New Gypsum

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One Response to “Gypse is now Gypsum!”

  1. Frobozzon 26 Aug 2014 at 10:27 pm

    They ruined my Gypse! I enjoyed getting that sand every day. Now… not seen a diamond yet after almost a month.

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