May 22 2011

Basic HTML Codes & Their Meanings

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Before starting to make layouts with HTML codes, the codes and their meanings need to be understood. Each code will be placed in arrows such as “<” and “>”, just as it appears in HTML.

<table> this is the starting code of your layout, and the ending code. In order for your layout to work, it needs to start with this code. When you want to edit the layout as a whole (example: the whole background be a color, all the font a certain size), it would be added here. End code: </table> (end codes: end codes are needed to close the HTML coding. It tells the computer you have finished using that code. Table end codes are used as the very first and last code of a layout, but other codes have a beginning/end code used in the middle. All end codes have a backwards slash and the code that was used.)

<td> this code creates a text box in the layout. even if you use a different text box code so it scrolls, you need this code in the beginning, before the scrolling code. End code: </td> (Place after the text in the cell, look at an example for more clarification). To use this code, just use the <td> code, then just type. Once you are finished typing for that cell, close it with an end code (</td>).

<td colspan=”x”> By adding the colspan code, it will make one cell equal the length of two cells. (it is added inside the <td> code, so the <td> code does not have to be repeated. It would simply look like this: <table><td colspan=”3″>text</td>) This is commonly used as a footer to put who made the layout/where it was from.

<tr> This adds a new row to your layout. If you keep adding <td> cells, on after the other, it will just create a line of text boxes, spreading to the right. In order to break up the straight line and make them appear as a list, <tr> cells must be added in between. Example: <table><td>text</td><tr>[next row]<td>text</td><table> (end code is </td>, since the colspan code is an extra that is added into the <td> code)

How this appears normally:

text, tr code added after this text cell
new row added underneath

With these codes, you can create a basic layout. However, there are more specifics that need to be added [link coming soon]

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  1. Bluebell Stables224on 31 Aug 2014 at 4:44 am

    Sorry about the post above – it went a little messed up…. Sorry. Please delete it.

  2. Bluebell Stables224on 31 Aug 2014 at 4:46 am

    Thanks, this helped a lot. :)

    Do you have any tutorials on making links and making banners into links?

  3. webkinzon 17 Sep 2014 at 12:25 am

    Hey! I need help finding a new cursor for my page. Does anybody know how? I have tried lots of different codes on different websites but they don’t work. Please help!!

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