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EC Layouts

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I tend to add more breeder layouts than EC layouts. Please do not remove the credit.To view the full layout, click the thumbnail. To get the coding, click the link.

Hay Layout

Hay Layout

Fully customizable on your own – Just put in your EC name twice, your best ranking and prestige, and you’re off to advertising your EC in a fancy way! :D

**Note: to be able to get this to work for the EC page, the text boxes look like they are out of place. I promise that once it is saved, they will be aligned perfectly. Be careful to not move the text boxes. The text box for the EC name is hiding on top of the three text box titles.

Coding: Click  here to view the coding.

Lavender Layout

(As you can see, I tend to name my layouts after plants xD) Notice: The text box to put your EC name is on top of the scrolling text boxes, *only* on the modification page. Do not move the text box. Once saved, it will be in place. Please just ignore it; it will be saved correctly. I can not fix this – it is a problem with Howrse’s coding, not mine.

Lavender Layout

Features of this layout:

  • Customizable! Put in your own EC Name on the picture! (under “Welcome to”)
  • Three scrolling text boxes under the picture to advertise your EC
  • A “Quick Info/Update” scrolling text box right under the picture
  • A nice double-colored, purple background to match the picture

Coding: Lavender EC Layout (Click that link to view the coding. Copy it and paste it on your EC Page!)



Cow Layout:


Cow Layout

Features of this layout:

  • Four text boxes: one on the picture, three underneath
  • Yellow background to match the picture
  • (the picture does not show the full layout; I cut off the bottom of it)
  • Note: you may have to move the text box on the picture once it’s saved.

Coding: Click here to view the coding!


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  1. scarlettwazhereon 11 Jan 2014 at 10:35 pm

    I tried to type in the box but it wouldn’t let me? Please message me – howrse username is scarlettwazhere

  2. thewarrenranchon 12 Jan 2014 at 11:55 pm

    @scarlettwazhere you mus have deleted all the text at once. If you do that you have to go into HTML edit mode and find the text box and type something in it so that it appears on the layout again.

  3. rockstar2477on 14 May 2014 at 4:31 pm

    I have been having issues with this.. Are they still eligible to work on howrse? I just find that it looks fine once editing, but as soon as I save it, my EC page goes wrong and the text boxes aren’t on the background, but below. Still in the text boxes, but like normal text… Thank you :)

  4. Aneton 30 Oct 2016 at 5:12 am


    I’m Anet Lisjak!
    I’m from Slovenia, and my spik Slovene!

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