Aug 05 2010

J&J Graphics

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~About red_chick94:~
I’ve been on Howrse for several years now. I’ve always been interested in helping people on the game. I’m always in the forums helping players and over the years I have been here I have gained much knowledge from my own experiences and other players. I started making graphics from only a few days in, but i have only just really felt I should make them more known. I offer quality graphics and have come first/second/third in many player’s graphic competitions on the game.

~About Jessica27:~
Being on Howrse for over a year now, I got the feel of things pretty quick. With just thirty days of seniority, I decided to make my own help website for Howrse. This provided me more time to learn coding and how to use editing programs for graphics. I still continue to run my website and graphics, continuing to help players with their game.

~About J&J Graphics:~
With both of our names being Jessica, it only made sense to use that as our graphics name. With a wonderful photographer, who is red_chick94’s good friend, graphic designer, and coder, we make up J&J Graphics. We can do almost any graphic: animated signatures, layouts, avatars, banners, you name it and we will provide you with the best service we can.


For J&J Graphic order forms & prices, visit my forum or red_chick94’s forum.

Free, special graphics only available at HH are coming soon!

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  1. Ashley (ChestnutAddict)on 03 May 2012 at 8:43 pm

    Can I have one??

  2. Irish Girl10on 10 Sep 2012 at 6:51 pm

    I was wondering….is there a way that’s free (no real money) to make layouts (like good layouts, not the 2 – 3 boxes layouts)? Or is there a special generator that can do a lot of boxes?

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