Apr 05 2012

Objectives: 70 – 79

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Please read through the tips/comments before asking about an objective

70. Win a certain number of competitions

Reward: 1,000 equus


71. Reach (+10 days) days of seniority

Reward: 1 made-to-measure saddle


72. Reach a breeder reserve of ______ equus 

Reward: 50 turnips

Tip: may be double the amount of your current balance; maybe purchase some horses/items before this objective comes up so you won’t have to have such a high reserve


73. Find secret page number 2

Reward: Medusa’s Blood

Tip: Go to Breeding > Black Market > Scroll to bottom, left corner > Click on red question mark labeled “Secret Page No. 2”

*Note: You have to be on this objective in order to see it.

(thanks to macy pelkington for this info)


74. Produce a colt using a mare that has positive BLUP

Reward: Black Orchid


75. Put horses from your breeding farm to bed _____ times

Reward: 1,000 equus


76. Arrive in the top 1000 of the breeder or general rankings

Reward: 30 Turnips

Tip: the easiest way is to rank in popularity by congratulating a lot of players and hoping they return the favor.


77. Log in 18 days out of the past 20

Reward: Daphne’s Laurels


78. Send a horse to Safe Haven

Reward: 1 Pandora’s Box

Tip: Make sure you send a horse to the Safe Haven and not heaven.


79. Completely finish the training of a horse that you produced

Reward: 1 Sea-horse

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  1. someoneon 30 Jan 2014 at 1:16 pm

    The reward for 73 is now Medusa’s blood.

  2. Maceyloopaon 21 Apr 2014 at 9:29 am

    For number 72,It was not double for me.it says for me,that I have to get 12,000 something EQ’s!i only have 2,000 something EQ’s!

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