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Objectives: 90 – 100

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Please read through the tips/comments before asking about an objective

90. Breed a unicorn

Reward: 1 Horn of Plenty

Tip: Must produce a unicorn foal. Follow the correct conditions such as breeding at the right time and with another unicorn of the same breed. It may take several times to produce a unicorn.


91. Buy a horse of more than 25 years old with no skill points

Reward: Achilles Heel

Tip: Mortal horses that die at 30 years old will give the owner a pass. Because of this, completing this objective may be expensive. Purchase the cheapest horse in the sales then put it up for sale again to try to get your equus back.


92. Have ______ living horses

Reward: 1 Pluto’s Parchment


93. Earn 1 equus in a competition

Reward: 2,000 equus

Tip: Use a horse with little skill and enter a competition with a kitty of 10e (race of very low difficulty). You must place last to earn 1e.


94. Get a Pandora’s Box by trading items

Reward: 1 Black Orchid

Tip: I put a Pandora’s Box for a Pandora’s Box in the exchange and someone accepted the trade


95. Find a comb and hoof pick on the same horse

Reward: 100% morale for all your horses

Tip: Find these items randomly by putting your horse in a box. If the horse has Croesus’ Fortune, you have a higher chance of finding these items.


96. Give an apple to a horse born on _______ (the date the objective appears for you)

Reward: 1 Helios’ Ray

Tip: Go to Ranking > Breeders > chose someone who owns a lot of horses and browse through their production (at the bottom of their page)


97. Give birth to a horse of a given breed

Reward: 50 turnips


98. Reach a breeder’s reserve that ends in 3333

Reward: 10 aging points

Tip: Selling/buying items in the store will be the key or selling a horse for a set amount (ex: 1,748e)


99. Win 10 competitions with a horse born from Ouranos and Gaïa (non-special, non-divine)

Reward: 1 Philotes’ Stroke


100. Find secret page number 3

Reward: 10 diamonds

Tip: Go to Community > Click on Game Play under the Forums section > look in the top right corner for a red question mark labeled “Secret Page No. 3”
Note: you must be on this objective in order to see the button

(thanks to BrookeAlow for this info)

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  1. bloom851(via)Howrseon 16 May 2014 at 5:26 pm

    I have a Uni. Running Fox. I will sell for 500 and 1 pass.

  2. Charlotteon 26 Jul 2014 at 6:08 pm

    Hey Guys! Reeeeally stuck on #99!!!
    How the heck do you get a horse bred from Ouranos and Gaia?
    Firstly it says that ALL horses were originated from them. But then.. they don’t have any offpsring on their page? I am so confused. Someone help please?

  3. Rosettaoneon 24 Oct 2014 at 11:48 am


    Where do you find all of these objectives? I’ve already completed the tutorial, is there more somewhere??? Please tell me what I’m doing wrong. D’:

    Much thanks,

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