Nov 12 2017

New Zealand Cards – 2017 November Promotion

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Until November 27th, you can find gifts and complete puzzles with the new New Zealand scratch cards!

Get cards by:

  • Connecting for the first time of the day (2 cards per day)
  • Taking one of your horses for a ride (1 card per day)
  • Winning a competition with a horse (1 card per day)
  • Buying them in the flash sales
  • Trading duplicate cards for equus (once per day)
  • Buying them with your passes


Win the newest Maori divine, Tawhirimatea, by completing all the puzzles.

Tawhirimatea has a tiki you have to fill with mana. To find mana, you need to observe turtle nests each day, and find out if there are any baby turtles:

1 turtle = 5 mana

2 turtles = 20 mana

3 turtles = 80 mana

When the tiki contains 800 mana, he will give you 1 Air Element.


You can also find Greyfell by winning it’s prize card. *Note: Greyfell can only be won once.

Earn golden horseshoes  by  activating 3, 13, 33 and 63 different cards. Collect at least 2 golden horseshoes to participate in the prize draw which takes place after the event to have a chance to win Tawhirimatea.

For minimal pass spending, I would suggest waiting to the next or last weekend of the promotion, and buy the cards packs that are offered. I did this the last cards promo, and won the divine with spending just around 20 passes. If you have loads of equus, you can buy cards in the flash sales, and fill up the meter that will give you one diamond joker for just over 2 million equus to get Greyfell or a diamond card for a puzzle.

Good luck everyone, and have fun exploring New Zealand through these cards!

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Oct 20 2017

Potions – Halloween 2017 Promotion

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Until November 6th, collect ingredients and brew potions. Each potion you brew gives you a prize!

How to play:

  • Collect the ingredients
  • Place them in cauldrons
  • Wait or use boosters to speed up the brewing time
  • Retrieve the prizes when the potion is ready

How to get ingredients and boosters:

  • when you log in for the first time of the day (4 ingredients and 1 booster)
  • By completing objectives
  • By brewing certain potions
  • By buying them with passes

Win the divine Fenrir by brewing the divine potion.

Fenrir is the first addition to the new Nordic Divine horses. Lift the veil that has descended on the Nordic worlds by winning points with rides to Asgard, Midgard and Nilfheim. Take care when choosing what ride to go on! When you get to 900 points, the veil is raised and Fenrir gives you 1 x Seal of the Apocalypse.

Get golden horseshoes by brewing 1, 15, 40 and 75 potions. Collect at least two golden horseshoes to participate in the prize draw that happens after the event, to try and win Fenrir.

The potions are, as usual, very pass heavy. Seen as you get a maximum of 6 (approximately, it can be more, usually only the first objective gives out these, and you are not guaranteed only red and blue bottles on login) red and blue bottles each day without buying them. You need 100 elixirs to brew the divine potion, which requires a total of 100 blue and 100 red bottles. If you want to spend the minimum amount of passes (about 30 at the very least), try to focus on completing every objective that gives boosters and red or blue bottles.

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Sep 13 2017

Plants – 2017 September Promotion

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Up until September 25th, grow plants and get rewards!

Sow your seeds, and they will grow when you water them or when you log in for the first time of the day (note: this time the plants have to be watered at least with one water to grow at login).

When you harvest your plants they will give you a prize depending on the type of seed, and 4 fireflies to give to the divine stone.

How to get seeds and water:

  • Upon daily login (2 seeds and 20 x water)
  • By completing objectives
  • Buying them with your passes

Also, you can give water to your friends, and ask your friends for water.


The new divine is an addition to the Maori divines, Rongo. He has a tiki you have to fill with mana. To fill it, you


need to observe 3 turtle nests a day, and find out if there are any baby turtles.


1 x baby turtle = 5 x mana

2 x baby turtle = 20 x mana


3 x baby turtle = 80 x mana


When the tiki contains 300 mana, Rongo will give you a 10-day farm-hand contract for your Equestrian Center.

Earn golden horseshoes for the event by getting the divine stone to 2, 20, 60 and 100%. Collect at least 2 golden horseshoes to participate in the prize draw that takes place after the promotion, and have a chance to win Rongo.

Remember that this promotion is very, very expensive before you set


out for the divine. Cheapest route to go is to only plant yellow seeds, as they require less water than the other colors. Best of luck!

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Aug 19 2017

Piñatas – 2017 August Promotion

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Until September 4th, click on the pinatas as often as possible to open them and win the surprises inside!

Your pinata will open when you reach the number of points required. To begin with you get 5 clicks every 12 or 24 hours, but by doing the objectives it will decrease the number of hours as you go along. You can also buy mace blows in the black market. Your friends can click on your pinata every day as well, and by doing objectives the number of points friend clicks give you, and how many friends can click on your pinata increases. Some objectives will also give you mace blows or points for your pinata.

This promotion is generally very cheap to complete, if you wait until the Horn of Plenty’s give you points for the pinatas. The number of points increase when you get to a higher number pinata. I finished on prepod in less than an hour with 92 passes, so get those clicks in every time possible, get your friends to click it, do the objectives and you

may be able to finish this promo and spend 20 passes or less!

The big prizes for this promo is:

  • A Falabella of random color when you open pinata #18
  • The last plant divine; Sequoia

Sequoia, like the other plant divines, can be watered instead of drinking, and his skills increase when you give him

droppings. When he reaches 2500 skill points he can be pruned, and he will give you a Grizzly  companion, yes the companions are back! 


Also, if you have all the other plant divines, and you get Sequoia as well, you will get Lotis. Lotis can only be obtained by having all the other Plant divines, and she is not sellable. She works like Sequoia and all the other plant divines. When she reaches 500 skill points, she will give you 48 skill points  for all your plant divines when she is pruned.

Good luck smashing those pinatas open!

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